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XBodyConcepts, Inc. is an online personal trainer that specializes in Xtreme physique transformations.  We customize specialized workout and meal plans for our male and female clients to assist them in achieving their health and fitness goals.  XBodyConcepts trains a variety of clients including fitness and bodybuilding competitors, competitive athletes, SWAT and law enforcement officers and other highly motivated people who simply want to improve their health and the overall appearance of their physique.   Whatever your fitness goal XBodyConcepts can customize a plan to guarantee your success!

The goals of many of our clients include: aggressively decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass, increasing muscle mass only, decreasing body fat only, increasing strength, increasing energy, etc.  Our niche’ is that we not only train you in a manner that guarantees results we TRAIN YOU TO TRAIN YOURSELF.  The most sustainable way we have found to guarantee our clients continued success is through our ability to “train you to train yourself.”

You know you want a better body and a healthier lifestyle and you can start today!  Want to find out more about your customized fitness program?

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Nicole B. (IFBB)Lincoln, CA




Please take a moment to browse the XBodyConcepts site and enjoy the testimonials of other people just like you who have decided to drastically improve their lives through fitness.  You will see photographs and read the testimonials of clients who have lost large amounts of body fat, those who have decreased body fat and increased lean muscle mass and those who have improved their quality of life and cured illness through fitness.  They are all truly an inspiration and a source of motivation!

Whether you are looking to conquer obesity or obtain a lean athletic looking physique we can do it together!  You will have the unique ability to ask questions as often as you like and get prompt answers to all of your questions.

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