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If you are reading this it is because YOU ARE READY!  You are done with being overweight, out of shape and just plain unhealthy.  You have tried all the popular diets and workout plans and have finally come to the conclusion that they do not work and you need help with attaining your goal.  You have decided to hire a personal trainer but which one?  You have tons of questions and concerns.  How does online training work?  Are you a candidate for online training?  Can you really get amazing results having an online personal trainer?  Hopefully the following information will answer all of your questions and help you decide if an online personal trainer is right for you.

Online Training is a NO-BRAINER from a Cost Perspective

The first question most people ask when they meet with a personal trainer is, “How much is this going to cost?”  At your typical gym a personal training session will range in price from $50-$100 per hour.  Most trainers will want to see you a minimum of one hour, three days per week.  If you committed to three, one hour training sessions per week at an average rate of $75 per hour you would end up spending $900 for four weeks of training.  This is just the average price.  Depending on where you live, the popularity and qualifications of the trainer and the frequency of your visits the price could easily be double this.  This is just the cost for training alone.

You have to eat right if you want to see optimal gains.  So what about your nutrition?  Will you hire a nutritionist or rely on the trainer at the gym to create a nutritional plan for you?  Not many people can afford upwards of a thousand dollars a month to get fit.  It can be much less expensive to hire an online personal trainer to handle both your training and your nutritional plans.  Having an online personal trainer provides you all of the benefits of having a trainer and nutritionist with far less financial burden.  The cost of online personal training with XbodyConcepts is far less than what you would be spending with a traditional personal trainer.  Working with Dawn at XbodyConcepts you get the benefit of working with both a certified personal trainer and certified sports nutritionist at a far lower cost.

Finding Time to Schedule Your Training

How do you schedule your training sessions with an online personal trainer?  Simple.  You find a time that works with your schedule and you go train.  This is perhaps one of the biggest perks to hiring an online personal trainer; you set your own schedule.  There is no need to pull your hair out trying to coordinate a time that works for both you and your trainer and there is never any stress if you are running late or need to reschedule.  You have the freedom to work out as late or early as you want because you have the plan and XbodyConcepts has “Trained you to train yourself”, so you know exactly what you need to do for each workout.  Life happens!  If something comes up and you have to alter your workout time, you can, no big deal!

Access To Highly Qualified Professional Online Trainers

The internet is remarkable in the sense that it gives us access to a variety of industry experts that would normally be out of reach or extremely difficult to connect with due to geographical boundaries.  Unfortunately there are not always personal trainers available locally that have the same qualifications or expertise in the fitness industry as though you are able to locate online.  When you refer to cutting edge or industry leading trainers, unless you are fortunate enough to live near one of these types of coaches, they are simply out of reach unless you are able to find and hire one as an online personal trainer.  The internet provides you access to these professionals that would normally be unavailable.

The Highest Level of Personal Accountability

So far everything sounds good, but the big question still lurks…  Who is going to hold me accountable?  This is perhaps one of the biggest concerns with hiring an online personal trainer.  People sometimes feel that if someone is not there guiding them through each rep, of each set, of each exercise and to get on the treadmill that they will not have the motivation to get into the gym. 

There are a couple tools that XbodyConcepts uses to maintain a high level of accountability.  The first tool is that XbodyConcepts constantly monitors your progress by having clients send in weight, measurements and photographs at regular intervals so that your progress can be tracked and evaluated.  This evaluation process is two-fold, as it also allows XbodyConcepts to evaluate the effectiveness of the training program and make the necessary adjustments to maximize your results.

Training is results driven – do you look better, do you feel better, are your fitness goals being reached?  Your online trainer will review this progress with you typically every two weeks to continuously customize and refine your plan for maximum results.  Don’t forget, you are paying for all of this!  You made the personal commitment to transform your body and get into the best shape of your life and now you add in the financial commitment to recruit the expertise to do it the right way.  This combination should motivate you to get into the gym and get the most out of your money.

“How Do I Learn to perform the Exercises?”

Another concern felt by those considering hiring an online personal trainer is the question of how to actually correctly perform some of the lifts and exercises contained in the program. The internet has proven to be a great tool in combating this problem.  As a client of XbodyConcepts, you will be provided with access to online videos depicting how to correctly perform any exercise included in your plan.  This is a great tool to use for assuring you are using correct form on each of your exercises to maximize results.  XbodyConcepts will also ask in some cases that the client video record themselves performing an exercise and send it in.  This will give your trainer the ability to review your actual form as if they were actually there beside you in the gym.  Your trainer can then offer you feedback to assure you are properly performing a specific lift or exercise.

Communication is the Key to Your Success with Online Trainer

XbodyConcepts online training has proven to be a valuable and life changing experience for a countless number of their clients.  Doing business online has become a way of life for people throughout the world.  It was not many years ago that people only dealt with brick and mortar storefronts.  That has changed.  People are using the internet more than ever to transact business and services and the internet’s popularity is growing daily as people continue to expand on new ways to increase efficiency online.

Working with an online trainer, you are able to ask questions that will be answered sooner than if you had to wait for your next scheduled training appointment. Additionally, online trainers usually have valuable pertinent information contained within their websites and this can be accessed seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.  The benefit is that you are in complete control of this exciting new journey you have chosen to commit to.  Hopefully this information has answered some of your questions and addressed your concerns regarding working with an online personal trainer.  XbodyConcepts looks forward to assisting you with your total physique transformation and your journey to a NEW HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!

Start your journey now!

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