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Xtreme Fat Annihilation Training (Lite) is a toned down version of the standard Xtreme Fat Annihilation Training (XFAT) program. 

The XFATLTE program is commonly used for clients who are getting back into working out with weights and need a jump-start before starting the standard XFAT program.  Even clients who are actively working out with weights will benefit and likely show greater end results by starting with the XFATLTE program first and then moving on to the standard XFAT program.

XFATLTE comes with a customized meal plan and workout.  XFATLTE is based on your age, weight, height and overall fitness goals.  There will be NO GUESSWORK as you will be told what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.  The meals are simple to prepare and can be consumed very quickly.  The meals are customized to each client’s personal tastes.  Together we will identify foods you will enjoy eating and can offer tips on alternate preparation styles to maximize enjoyment.

The XFATLTE program can be customized several ways (i.e. only burn fat, or add lean muscle while burning fat, etc.).  Again, there will be NO GUESSWORK as you will be told exactly what exercises to perform and at what duration.  Please be available to resistance train a minimum of four days per week.  This workout plan is designed for a twelve week duration and the meal plan can be utilized indefinitely.  Please advise of your overall fitness goal when completing your questionnaire.

(You are purchasing one meal plan and one workout plan.  Please confirm you have read and agree to the FAQ and the Disclaimer.)

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