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Xtreme Fat Annihilation Training is the gold standard for fat loss programs and one of XBC’s most popular plans available. 

The XFAT training program is a proven fourteen week program that is divided into seven phases, each phase lasting two weeks.  The purpose of utilizing seven phases is to continually shock your body. The constant shock to your body will assure your body never becomes accustomed to the workout and that you continue to see rapid gains.

Phase 1:  During this phase you will lift heavy which will illicit the greatest fat burning and lean mass gains.  Since you will be gaining muscle and burning fat during this phase it is possible that your bodyweight may not decrease on the scale, however you will notice a significant decrease in body fat and a difference in the way your clothes fit.

Phase 2:  During this phase you will continue to lift heavy with the addition of high repetition training mixed in.  Expect to see a continued decrease in body fat as well as a decrease in bodyweight on the scale.

Phase 3:  During this phase each body part will be trained twice a week, as this phase is specifically designed to continue shocking your body via high repetition work.  During this phase expect to see your body fat disappearing at an accelerated rate as your meal plan sends your metabolism into overdrive further accentuating your fat loss.

Phase 4:  During this phase you will train using a variety of specific high repetition exercises.  The goal of this phase is to confuse your body by targeting an unusual mix of muscle groups during each training session.  Confusing your body will assure your gains continue at a rapid pace and your body fat continues to melt away.

Phase 5:  During this phase you will move between three consecutive exercises with no rest in between sets.  You will notice a huge cardiovascular benefit in addition to your continued rapid body fat reduction.  These will be fast paced training sessions using a variety of heavy and light weights.

Phase 6:  During this phase you will be feeling an Xtreme sense of accomplishment as you will be seeing significant results!  This phase will take you through a unique mix of super-setting using a variety of weights.  Your training sessions will continue to be fast paced which will further build your endurance and stamina.  Expect to see additional increases in lean mass and decreases in body fat.

Phase 7:  During this phase you can consider yourself coming down the home stretch as we put the finishing touches on your physique transformation!  You will finish out the XFAT program with a new mix of fast paced super-setting exercises which will continue to increase your endurance and stamina.  This final phase will increase lean muscle mass and shred the remaining fat off of you.

XFAT comes with a customized meal plan and workout.  XFAT is based on your age, weight, height and overall fitness goals.  There will be NO GUESSWORK as you will be told what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.  The meals are simple to prepare and can be consumed very quickly.  The meals are customized to each client’s personal tastes.  Together we will identify foods you will enjoy eating and can offer tips on alternate preparation styles to maximize enjoyment.

The XFAT workout itself can be customized several ways (i.e. only burn fat, or add lean muscle while burning fat, etc.).  Again, there will be NO GUESSWORK as you will be told exactly what exercises to perform and at what duration.  Please be available to resistance train a minimum of four days per week.  This workout plan is designed for a fourteen week duration and the meal plan can be utilized indefinitely.  Please advise of your overall fitness goal when completing your questionnaire.

(You are purchasing one meal plan and one workout plan.  Please confirm you have read and agree to the FAQ and the Disclaimer.)

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