Get Shoulders – Arnold Style


Huge shoulders are instantly noticeable on a gym-goers physique. Whether you’ve been training five weeks or five years, huge, round shoulders are what everyone desires.

The deltoids, more commonly known as shoulder muscles are split into three distinct areas. The anterior fibres, lateral fibres, and posterior fibres. These are more commonly known as the front, rear and side deltoids. To build huge shoulders, you’ll need to be working each section of your deltoids, this swoleandstacked guide will tell you how.
For your shoulders to grow, you need to overload the muscle. This means lifting as heavy as you can. Begin your shoulder workout with the shoulder press. Aim for a rep range of 8-12, for your first couple of sets. You may want to drop this down to 6-8 reps for your last set. The shoulder press should be your main mass building exercise for your shoulders. It’s a great compound movement which will hit the entirety of your deltoids and your triceps too.

Lateral raises are a great for adding shoulder width, hitting your side deltoids. Lateral raises can be performed on cables, or with dumbbells. Increasing your rep range with lateral raises is a great follow up exercise after your shoulder press.  Aim for 8-12 reps from around 4 sets of lateral raises. Every six weeks or so, you can switch it up, shocking your deltoids to promote growth. Switch between cables and dumbbells, or rather than doing both shoulders at the same time, do ten raises on your right shoulder, followed by ten on your left.
Hit your front deltoids with front raises. The front raise can be performed using cables, a straight bar, or dumbbells. Variations can include switching up the angle of your palm as you raise the dumbbell for an extra squeeze. Similarly, you can perform reverse flyes to hit your rear deltoids by leaning forward using cables or dumbbells, or using a rear fly machine at your local gym. This will help you to build a huge rounded shoulder.
Being creative will allow you to shock your deltoids, promoting muscle growth. Try different exercises, hit your shoulders from different angles. Switch up between machines and free-weights. Switch between dumbbells and cables. You need to keep your muscles guessing, don’t let them fall into a routine, where you do the same 4-5 exercises each week. Push the weights up, push your reps up, just make sure your workouts aren’t static.
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