All hail testosterone, the king of hormones in the male body! If you’re into bodybuilding for more than a week, you probably already know what we’re going to say next, but we’ll say it anyway: higher testosterone levels translate to greater muscle gains. Testosterone plays a key role in the creation of muscle mass and strong bones but the story doesn’t end there – it actually does a lot more for your body than optimizing your pumps.


We promise not to go too fancy and scientific on this one, so keep on reading to learn some bonus benefits of testosterone that get overlooked by most bodybuilders.


1. Keeps you upbeat

If you’re low on testosterone, chances are that you’ll experience depression, anxiety, increased fatigue and even impaired cognition. Studies show that testosterone therapy in men who have hypogonadism (low testosterone production) helps reduce anxiety and increase emotional well-being and feelings of self-esteem.


2. Makes you lean and keeps you that way!

Metabolic processes directly influence fat burn. The increased production of testosterone will elevate your metabolism and therefore help you burn more fat. It’s as simple as that!


Research has shown that testosterone directly inhibits the creation of fat cells and improves insulin sensitivity, which makes low testosterone levels a crucial contributing factor to obesity and the plethora of health problems related to it – while increasing the testosterone production is one of the best ways to reverse their effect! Furthermore, higher levels of testosterone will make it easier to keep the acquired lean mass.


3. Improves your circulation

The higher you testosterone levels, the more nitric oxide gets released in your bloodstream, resulting with wider blood vessels and better circulation. Better circulation = better transportation of blood throughout your whole body. This will speed up your post-workout recovery, enhance your performance and strengthen your erections!


4. Increases bone density and strength

And strong bones will support your muscles and internal organs much better, which reduces risk of injury, improves posture and enhances athletic performance. In addition, the most common cause of male osteoporosis is testosterone deficiency, so keep your testosterone levels healthy for strong bones!


Need more reasons to love your testosterone?

How about it’s positive effect on masculinity, courage and assertiveness, greater tolerance for stress, higher levels of energy, improved body composition, increased libido and increased concentration. Simply put, testosterone is what makes the man “a man“, enabling all of the most prominent physical and mental characteristics that category implies.


So in order to protect your health, increase your muscle mass gains and get rid of excess body fat, make sure you have a peak testosterone production. If you have a hard time achieving that by exercising and dieting on their own, why not try testosterone boosters?


They’re one of the most efficient and natural ways to help your body produce more testosterone by itself, which makes the both safe and sustainable. Do a bit of research and choose a quality product for an endless list of benefits.


– See more at: http://www.fitnessandpower.com/fitness-and-health/boost-your-testosterone#sthash.tiX87SjM.dpuf



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