Plan a, B and C to Lose the Fat and Keep It Off for Good!

By Ben Booker Six Pack Abs


Are you fed up with trying to stick to a diet? Does your track record show failure after failure? Do you feel like you always go back to you old ways when you finish the diet plan wanting to eat everything in site? I want to share a simple plan of attack that works every time for lasting success. There is always going to be obstacles and set backs along our fitness and nutrition journey which is why it is important to be prepared. This is why I always have an A, B, and C plan. Let me explain.



This is the number 1 way to your goals. This is doing exactly as “they say”. Find a nutrition plan like the one we offer here on SPA. Many diets aren’t what they are cracked up to be so find one that you can see doing for the rest of your life. This is important. Start viewing nutrition as a lifestyle and not a means to an end. Don’t choose a plan that you see yourself stopping after you reach your goals. Your plan A is doing exactly what you are told to do, trusting in the process and not cheating. So plan A involves you viewing “diet” as a new way of life. Many of us can stick to new plan at least for the first week or two, but what happens when we are staring face to face with an obstacle or a trigger that lets the bad habits of our past creep back in? Here comes the plan B.



This plan B isn’t something you come up with on the fly. It is a fail safe that you are prepared for. No, it isn’t exactly what the Nutrition plan calls for, but it also isn’t letting you slip back into old habits. For me it is keeping protein bars on hand at all times. These bars always have at least 25 grams of protein and as little sugars as possible. I also keep protein powder handy so all I need is water and a bottle and I can shake that puppy right up and drink it on the fly to curb my appetite. For you it may be healthy nuts or another healthy alternative to a “go to” bad habit. This Plan B is meant for when you get busy with work, family and friends and skipped a few meals of the day. So Plan B is the next best thing that is going to be quick and easy. Instead of feasting at night on sweets or overeating at a gas station or fast food, I implement Plan B!



This plan C is the last resort. Instead of saying “screw it, I messed up so I might as well enjoy it”, you are going to be equipped with a plan C. So you had a terrible week. You are out of bars and forgot to pick up more protein. Your schedule just got blown up in front of you and that old you is beginning to take over. Nothing seems to be working in your favor and all you want to do is dive into some chocolate, get a bag of chips and drink pop! Don’t do it! Implement PLAN C. Allow your self a mix and match. Get dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Allow yourself a piece of candy or whatever it is you enjoy, but pair it with a quality source of protein like chicken, steak, turkey, or eggs and some healthy fat. get full using a powerful combo. Don’t just demolish a bag of chips and consume 1000 calories of straight junk throwing caution to the wind. PLAN C is all about minimizing the damage. Indulge a little and pair it with some quality. Then get back in the saddle tomorrow.


All of these are not an after thought. You must plan out these scenarios in the first week of starting your nutrition plan. Preparing yourself for the battle ahead is a must. Figure out what time of the day that you always seem to have the most problems with and begin there. For some it is at night and for others it is the middle of the day. This could make all the difference for lasting success in reaching your goals.



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