No More Excuses: 4 Ways to Defeat Crappy Genetics

By GI Team Generation Iron


Bodybuilding is a game of genetics and it’s one that can prove to be a daunting task to conquer in the pursuit for your ultimate body. The idea that you have genetics that will prevent you from seeing the best results can be a bit frustrating and if you aren’t diligent can prove to be a real annoyance that could see you giving up on shaping your body to peak form. The truth of the matter is that if you wish to overcome your genetics then you’re going to have to realize that all methods aren’t created equal. By being proactive you can eventually work through your genetic roadblocks. Here are some tips you could use to battle through your genetics.


Find what you lack

As a bodybuilder it’s important to be subjective about your body. If you see a weak point then you have to identify it and be realistic about training that particular muscle group. It can be an eye opening experience and allow you to be proactive about fixing your weak points and put you on the road to building some impressive muscle. You can’t get to your ultimate form if your aren’t truthful with yourself.

Where are you strong?
This is the fun part. Just as you must understand your weaknesses in a given area, you have to know your strengths as well. Building up your weak points is essential and in the long run may be even more important than building up your stronger areas. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect your strengths. There’s a reason you’re genetically blessed in particular areas of your body so don’t let it go to waste.


Make a game plan for strong and weak points
Now that you’ve discovered your weak and strong points you’ll have to start planning on how to train those areas. If you’re strong in chest and arms but weak in the legs and back then you’re going to ultimately have to prioritize your routines. Obviously you want to work hard on all your body parts, but perhaps an additionally day for your weak points should be considered in order to build up your lagging muscles.


Have some patience

When it comes to building the ultimate form you’re going to have to have some patience with the process. Obviously you won’t make major gains over night, but you may notice that your lagging body parts may take a considerably longer time to develop as opposed to your stronger muscle groups. It takes patience and diligence in order to get the results you seek. It’s all about putting in the work continuously until you force your weak points into shape. It will take trial and error to figure out exactly how to get your lagging parts up to par. Trying different exercises, methods, and techniques will take a good amount of time, but once you figure things out, you’ll be making some major headway to the gains you seek.



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