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What are the benefits of online personal training?

The benefits are numerous!  Click here for more information on all of the great benefits of working with an online personal trainer!


I am ready to get started!  What do I need to do now?

Visit the XBodyConcepts programs page and select a plan that matches your fitness goals.


I’ve purchased my XBodyConcepts plan… Now what?

Once XBodyConcepts receives your payment you will be sent a questionnaire via email within 24 hours.


Once I have completed my questionnaire, how long will it take to receive my plan?

Your plan will arrive via email within 72 hours of XBodyConcepts receiving your completed questionnaire.


I’m a pretty picky eater; will I be forced to eat foods I dislike on your nutritional plans?

No!  Your nutritional plan will be customized based on the healthy foods you like. 


I have a nagging injury or disability that makes it difficult for me to do “X”.  Will I still be able to succeed on an XBC plan?

YES!  XBC trains numerous athletes and former athletes, many of whom have existing and pre-existing injuries.  Since your plan is being customized to meet your needs, we will make any necessary adjustments to assure you achieve your goal(s) while working around any injury or disability you may have.


Are the XBC plans customized just for me?

Yes, each plan is customized to assure you will attain your individual goal.  Each XBodyConcepts plan takes into consideration your current body composition, height, weight, age, prior injuries, previous eating habits, and current level of physical fitness. This being said, with the large number of clients that XBodyConcepts trains, it is possible for one or more people to have fitness and meal plans that are similar.


When can I expect to see changes in my physique?

Most people report feeling improved energy levels almost immediately however this will vary from person to person.  The rate of change in your physique will be closely related to how dedicated you are and how strictly you follow the XBodyConcepts plan that has been designed for you.  If you follow the plan exactly as it has been designed, it is not uncommon to begin noticing changes in your physique within the first week.


How much money will I need to spend on supplements?

The beauty of XBodyConcepts programs are that they DO NOT REQUIRE ANY SUPPLEMENTATION. In fact, I will ask that you discontinue the use of many supplements so that you can see the true power CLEAN EATING can have on your physique and overall health and well-being.  While supplements are not required, there are several that I will suggest that will assist you in meeting your nutritional needs when you are on the go or have a limited amount of time.


Is all this healthy food going to cost me a fortune?

No!  While healthy food is usually more expensive than junk you will find that shopping off of your XBodyConcepts menu will save you time and money because you will be able to buy good foods in larger quantities.  I also routinely hear from clients that they end up saving a lot of money in the long-run because they discontinue making fast-food purchases throughout the day.  If you are constantly satisfied nutritionally, you will not be interested in making poor nutritional decisions which take a toll on your waistline and help to empty your wallet! 


My friends diet and complain that they are always hungry and starving.  Am I going to starve on your XBodyConcepts plan?

First and foremost, I dislike the word diet because it immediately brings about thoughts of yo-yo dieting and fad diets which NEVER work and if they do the results are usually temporary.  Each XBodyConcepts plan incorporates scientifically proven strategies to assist you in attaining your goal(s).  The results obtained from each XBodyConcepts plan are sustainable!  THIS IS NOT A YO-YO OR FAD DIET.  That being said, not only can you plan on dramatically improving your health, YOU SHOULD NEVER BE HUNGRY ON AN XBODYCONCEPTS PLAN.  In the event you become hungry, there are always several tasty snacks (this is explained in your nutritional plan), that you can have on hand to curb any hunger and tide you over until your next scheduled meal.  AGAIN, YOU SHOULD NEVER BE HUNGRY ON ANY XBODYCONCEPTS PLAN!


I completed my plan, dramatically improved the appearance of my physique as well as my overall health and wellness.  Now what?

Goals change…  Assuming you have met and surpassed your initial goal(s), I am confident you will have a new goal in mind.  Whether that is to become leaner, add more muscle mass, or simply maintain your physique and high energy levels, XBodyConcepts can customize a plan to assure you meet and hopefully exceed the new goal(s) you have put in place for yourself.  We are with you for the long haul and have every intention of maintaining a life-long partnership with our Team members!


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