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When it comes to building quality muscle you can’t simply perform a few reps, a few sets and think you’ve got everything handled. Reaching hypertrophy is a bodybuilder’s number one goal and to do so you must push yourself to levels far beyond your own perceived limits. There’s a difference between training for maintenance and training for growth. If you’re a bodybuilder looking to do the latter then hardcore training is most certainly going to be your method of building your muscles. Having a trainer that can take you to the next level is also something that should be considered. When it comes to hardcore training and being knowledgeable about bodybuilding, Tom Platz is perhaps one of the best.


Tom Platz is a former professional bodybuilder with a ton of experience with both hardcore training and training both amateur and pro bodybuilders. The footage of the former IFBB pro in his heyday has shown some of the most intense training of any bodybuilder out there. After his competition days were over, Platz chose to put his efforts into being a personal trainer hoping to groom others into talented bodybuilders themselves.


Training to become the ultimate physical form will always be a difficult endeavor. But with the help of a man like Tom Platz there’s no telling how far an individual can go in their training journey. Just check out the video below. Tom Platz shows an amateur the ropes and helps him through an intense bicep training session that is sure to test the grit of even the most advanced lifters.

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