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Strategy is important if you want to be rid of annoying body fat.

A bodybuilder’s chief enemy is definitely the dreaded stubborn body fat. It’s that extra layer of fat around your lower abdomen. It’s the love handles of doom that cause you constant worry. How the hell do I get rid of that muffin top look. It’s something that many a bodybuilder has asked themselves. They lift heavy, they have a decent diet and they do just enough cardio to burn fat without burning their muscle. Yet the love handles, obliques, and abdomen still look as flabby as ever. So what the hell can you do to lower your body fat percentage in order to make your muscles pop? Well take a look at a few of these tips to appear ripped in no time.

We’ve mentioned it before, but we can’t emphasize enough how important dieting is to making your abs pop. You can work the abs constantly, do a thousand sit ups, use that ab roller like crazy, but as long as your diet remains crappy then that extra layer of fat is likely going nowhere. You have to build a diet around your macro nutrition. It’s all about percentages, so if you want to start seeing a change – then start shaping up your diet. Let’s dive into two different methods: ELEL and EMEM and see how you can utilize both to start making some major changes.

Eat Less, Exercise Less
Eat less?! Exercise less?!?! Why the hell would I do that?! Trust us when we say that it may sound like a risky proposition, one that would see you losing all of your gains. But you have to take in mind that if you want to drop body fat then you’ll have to take in less calories. You’ll also have to understand that if your calorie intake is lower then performing the same amount of activity is likely going to result in you burning yourself out. Cut back on the weight and exercise at a moderate pace that will keep you functioning. Out of your three meals for the day One meal should be based around protein, another around vegetables, and only one containing starch.

Eat More, Exercise More
Now this is the method that everyone should be down with. The idea of eating light and working out light could be a bit of a turn off for some lifters. So after taking a few weeks to lighten the load, eventually it will be time to push hard again. Your calorie level should increase above your norm and you should start lifting again like crazy. Three meals a day as well as two protein based snacks and twice the amount of starch intake post workout. This approach is based on burning stubborn fat by keeping your metabolism ticking and working out at a high pace.

Constantly sticking to the same diet can get your body programmed to one thing. Every once in awhile it’s good to change things up to keep the metabolism working instead of plateauing.



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