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By GI Team Generation Iron


Power, strength, explosive: all are words that can be used to describe the perfect athlete. When it comes to performing sports like bodybuilding, power, and Olympic Lifting it’s all about being powerful and explosive. What they all have in common is that every competitor participating in these sports are considered strength athletes. They’re all massive, potentially shredded, and can haul a ton of weight, sometimes three times their own body weight.


If you were to think on the most dangerous predators in the world the first thing that would come to mind wouldn’t be humans. Members of the animal kingdom lions, tigers, gorillas, those are the kind of beings that are considered some of the most powerful creatures to walk the earth. Animals have more muscle fiber, explosiveness, and fast twitch muscles than most humans could hope for.


So why all this talk of animals? Well, there’s a video circling around the interwebs featuring one the strongest, most powerful dogs in the world. Ace is the ultimate guard dog tipping the scales at 85 lbs. That may not seem like much when compared to a massive 250 lbs bodybuilder, but when you consider that it’s all massive muscle, then we’re talking about something else entirely. Ace is a pit bull that can easily be considered the strongest dog in the world. He’s been trained to be the ultimate tactical enforcement dog and it shows in this impressive video below.



If you’re a bodybuilder who admires dogs then there’s no way a dog like Ace wouldn’t make the ultimate companion. A massively muscled and powerful dog that could match it’s owner pound for pound. Would you want your dog to be as rigorously trained as Ace? Let us know what you think in the comments and forums.





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