How Much Muscle Can You Build Naturally



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Every day we (the bodybuilders,weightlifters,fitness athletes) wake up, train, sleep and eat with one thought in our minds – we want to be able to build more muscle, get stronger, get shredded. Many trainees go the easy route, they start using anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs to reach and surpass their natural limit in the shortest timeframe possible.


Using and abusing steroids, however, has it’s own benefits and more importantly side effects which we are not going to discuss in this article. Instead we are going to take a look at how much muscle can a person build naturally.


So first things first – a guy can never gain the mass of professional bodybuilders naturally, it’s just impossible. Even though those guys are genetic freaks (that’s the reason they got there in the first place) they have surpassed their genetic limits with the steroid abuse. Walking around, carrying 250-275 lbs of muscle and fat percentage in the single digit numbers mark is not a natural thing. There are some genetic freaks that can get fairly big and lean naturally, but that’s maybe 3-5% of all the bodybuilders out there.


Everyone has their own genetic limit, someone’s limits are higher, someone’s are lower. So what is your body’s natural limit ? Unfortunately that question cannot be answered precisely, but in the next video, Omar Isuf tries to explain how far you can take the game, regarding natural muscle gain.



Before you get disappointed you need to know that with the right training and nutrition you can still build a muscular, strong and most importantly – healthy physique that you can be proud of.





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