Four Supplements to Enhance Growth

By Adam Gonzalez Flex

Try these supplements that support greater blood flow, full muscle fibers, and enhanced growth

There are two ways to boost muscle size: increase the size of the existing fibers or increase the number of fibers. Intense weight training encourages the addition of muscle cells through the repair process, and many supplements help plump up the size of existing muscle cells by filling them up with beneficial fluids and nutrients. To take advantage of these growth mechanisms, consider adding the following supplements to your pre-workout regimen.


Taking glycerol before you train supports enhanced vascularity and better hydration during workouts. Glycerol increases osmolarity, the expansion of fluid volume.

Support blood vessel dilation by taking citrulline, an amino acid that helps to increase arginine levels for increased nitric oxide (NO) activity. Once inside your body, citrulline converts to arginine.

Take this to increase blood flow. This trademarked ingredient is a specific form of arginine (arginine inositol silicate). The Nitrosigine version is stabilized to increase levels better than supplemental arginine HCl.

Taurine is an amino acid known to help prevent muscle fatigue, but it also supports elevated mood. Some studies have shown that taurine improves left ventrical function.



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