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A new way to press.


Ever wonder why your shoulders are killing you after benching on chest day? It’s a great question that almost every lifter asks at one time or another. It’s truly an aggravating state of affairs any time that you injure yourself during a training session in the gym. What’s even more frustrating is not knowing exactly why it’s happening in the first place. Understanding the issue is half the battle after all. So how the heck are you supposed to keep you chest training going and not get your shoulders destroyed? Well, it’s going to require some patience and an open mind.


When it comes to bench pressing there isn’t just one school of thought. One is the kind of benching we’ve grown accustomed to in our bodybuilding training where we have a flat back on the bench and our elbows reach lower than the bench position itself. The other, and arguably more safer, route is the way that powerlifters bench. Now automatically I’m sure you’re thinking why the hell would I lift like a powerlifter? In all honesty it’s likely to keep you from blowing out your shoulders if the powerlifting alternative is considered.


Take a look at this comprehensive video by Alan Thrall below that gives a perfect break down of not only why your shoulders are getting injured, but how to prevent those injuries. If that wasn’t enough, Alan explains exactly how changing up your benching method can build your strength and increase your bench.


Though many may not be a fan of the powerlifting method of benching, it’s hard to argue with the results. So would you consider lifting using the powerlifting method or will you stick to your usual method?






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