Build Massive Triceps


Contrary to common belief, it’s not the bicep that mostly make up a huge arm. The triceps actually makes up two thirds of the arm. This means to get huge arms, you need huge triceps. Here at we are all about you! Here are a few tips and pointers on how to build massive triceps!

As suggested in the name, the triceps comprise of three heads. The lateral, medial and the long.
The lateral head of the triceps is found on the outer side of the humerus. This is the large horse-shoe shaped muscle at the top of the arm.
The medial head of the triceps is found in the middle back portion of the upper arm.
The long head of the triceps is the largest part and is found running down the back of the arm along the body.
Every time you perform a pressing movement, your triceps are being worked. The bench press, shoulder press, dumbbell presses all work your triceps. You need to remember this to ensure that you don’t over-train your triceps. It’s for this reason, that many people train triceps with their chest or shoulders. Try not to train your triceps directly (such as the workouts below) more than twice a week. Most people will only train their triceps once a week for optimal growth.

Workout #1

Close-Grip Bench Press 4×8-12
Cable Straight Bar Pushdowns 4×8-12
Dumbbell Triceps Kickbacks 4×8-12

Workout #2

Barbell Reverse-Grip Bench Press 4×8-12
Cable V-Bar Pushdowns 4×8-12
Dumbbell Tate Press 4×8-12

Workout #3

Weighted Dips 4-8-12
Skull Crushers 4×8-12
Overhead Cable Triceps Extensions 4×8-12

Workout #4

JM Presses 4×8-12
Cable Rope Pushdowns 4×8-12
Dumbbell Kickbacks 4×8-12

Workout #5

Decline Skull Crushers 4×8-12
Cable Straight-Bar Reverse Pushdowns 4×8-12
Overhead One-Arm Cable Triceps Extensions 4×8-12

Workout #6

Standing Barbell Triceps Extensions 4×8-12
One-Arm Rope Pushdowns 4×8-12
Assisted Dip Machine 4×8-12

Workout #7

Standing Barbell Triceps Extensions 4×8-12
One-Dumbbell Triceps Extensions 4×8-12
Push-Ups (hands closer than shoulder width) 4×8-12

Workout #8

Incline Barbell Triceps Extensions 4×8-12
Lying Cable Triceps Extensions 4×8-12
Machine Dips 4×8-12

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