3 Ways to Help You Stay On Your Diet



By Traci Tate Breaking Muscle

Diet equals weight loss and weight loss equals a healthier life style. Or not! It’s all about how you define your quality of life. For the masses, and you know who you are, diet and weight loss is a topic that is constantly researched, implemented, debated and implemented over and over again. No, it is not something we enjoy, nor is it easy, but the results can be amazing and this is what we strive for!


Now, in order to get these amazing results, we need to stay on our diet. One of the number one reasons people fail is because they do not stick to their diets. Yes, this is easier said than done but it is a fact. We spend plenty of time researching which diet produces the best results, purchase all the recommended shakes and supplements and then go to the store and stock up on the first weeks of the meal plan.


Yes, you are ready and excited for the transformation. You make it through the first week, lose a pound or two, and then reward yourself with a cheat meal that turns into a cheat day. We are not even going to mention those of you that make it through one day of dieting and then reward yourself with that delicious cupcake! The point being, it is difficult to get started but it is so much easier to keep going once you get in that zone. Let’s look at three ways to keep you in that zone.



Just like in all support groups, you need a sponsor. This is a challenge and having someone to report your progress to and cheer you on is going to keep you on track. You may also consider hiring a nutritional coach to write your diet, review your progress, make necessary changes along the way and look at you in ways you cannot see yourself. Face it, some of us can lose weight, look good and still feel fat. It’s the nature of the game and it helps to have that person to be accountable to and build us up along the way.


Meal Preparation

It takes a little work once a week but it is well worth it. When you take the time to prepare your meals for the week it takes all the guess-work out of your day. Wake up in the morning, grab your Tupperware for the day and you’re off. No more late nights at work and not having your meals. You will also avoid those days when you get home and do not feel like cooking. Grab your Tupperware, reheat and you’re good to go.


Set a Start Date and End Date

When you have a start date and end date you have something to work towards. Look at what’s going on with your life and choose an event to work towards. For some it may be a vacation, wedding, graduation, reunion or an anniversary. If you don’t have one, make one up! For the competitive athlete it may be an upcoming competition, race, show or season. Whatever you decide is fine with me; you just need to commit to it and keep going.


We all know it is not easy to diet but the outcome will be well worth it. Make the choice to be Strong(er) or Strong(her) and implement these three easy ways to help keep you on your diet. Hope this helps and let me know how it works for you!


Source: http://www.elitefts.com/education/3-ways-to-help-you-stay-on-your-diet/

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