The 5 Common Deadlift Mistakes

Ask any top strength coach and you’ll probably get the same answer that the deadlift is one of the top exercises you can do to gain size, build strength and even burn fat. Nobody that wants a strong, muscular and athletic physique should skip the deadlift.


Even though it competes shoulder to shoulder for the title “the king of exercises” with the squat, I would put my bets on the deadlift simply because it’s badder, meaner, more hardcore and it targets more muscle mass than the squat.



In a nutshell, here are some of the advantages over other exercises

  • – Full body involvement – The deadlift works your whole body including your hamstrings, quads, glutes, traps, back, forearms rear and side delts. And yes, it works even more muscles than the famous Squat.
  • – Builds more muscle and strength – no other exercise lets you use heavy weights like the deadlift does. Whole body activation + heavy weights = more strength and muscle.
  • – Requires minimal equipment – compared to other exercises which require power cages, racks, machines etc. for the deadlift it’s just you and the bar.
  • – Core stability – The deadlift strengthens all the surrounding supporting muscles of the waist, backside, hips and, of course, lower back. Core strength is important in terms of maintaining ones balance, and weight transference (both in sports or daily life).
  • – Safer than other exercises – Provided your form is correct, the deadlift is probably the safest exercise out there. There is no risk of the bar crushing you, just let it go and it’s and you are done. Also although it is not so hard on your joints, shoulders and knees.
  • – Cardio benefits – If done with enough intensity, the deadlift will tax the cardio respiratory system almost like high intensity cardio does.


All these things said, there is a learning pattern you need to go through, in order to do good form deadlifts. In the video below you’ll see what are the most common mistakes people do during this exercise as well as the ways to correct them.


Remember, train smart – stay safe.





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