The Value Of Prohormones



Prohormones get mixed reviews in society because they are closely linked with anabolic steroids. Steroids have some negative side effects, but also have some very positive qualities for men over 21 who wish to use them to look and feel their best. Now more than ever men need prohormones to help balance out their bodies, which are constantly under attack. The modern male can benefit from prohormones and testosterone boosters because they can bring a much needed balance to the body that isn’t available from diet and exercise alone.



Testosterone is the main hormone for building mass and strength in the male body but this key hormone is constantly under attack by chemicals in the modern diet and environment. Certain chemicals called “endocrine disruptors” reduce the ability for the body to make testosterone and also reduce the activity of the testicles.


One Canadian report highlighted that modern men have less than half the sperm count that men did in the 1950’s.


This is due to the horrific variety of chemical pesticides, plastics, and lubricants that ruin the modern man’s ability to make testosterone. If that isn’t bad enough, another group of chemicals called “xenoestrogens” are in food and water and act like the strong estrogen called estradiol in the body. This means that men have less testosterone and more estrogen in their systems at all times.



There is a ratio that is necessary in the body to maintain normal health. This is the ratio of androgens to estrogens. Thus, if your androgens are at a 4 then estrogens should be at a 1 in each and every healthy male. Sadly, with the above chemicals, there is a distortion of the numbers which means that the modern male likely has a ratio of 2:1 opposed to the 4:1 ratio that he is supposed to have.


This causes men to get fat, have low motivation, be sickly and have other health consequences like prostate issues. Prohormones can restore this balance to the body and get the proper ratio back in check.



Prohormones don’t directly build muscle. but they do boost the natural hormones in the body that can build muscles. The current king of prohormones is 1-Andro, which converts into the 1-Testosterone. This hormone is 2-7 times more anabolic in muscle than standard testosterone and is the perfect androgen to boost in order to offset the chemical estrogens in the body.


1-Testosterone is so potent that men taking the prohormone 1-Andro saw a roughly 10lb increase in muscle mass while losing roughly 4lbs of fat in a one month cycle. Gains like this are pretty significant and shows how powerful restoring normal estrogen/androgen ratios can be.


Side effects are limited and are slight liver stress and slight changes in cholesterol levels. These can be managed by taking a Liver Support supplement and also taking Fish Oil supplements. We believe that the trade off is well worth the few bucks spent on fish oil and milk thistle.



Prohormones should be used by men over 21 since the body should be fully matured by that point. Safety is always important when it comes to using any hormone product and make sure you are in good health and have had a physical. With the right support nutrients and a healthy body, it seems that most men can benefit from prohormone usage!





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