Lateral Step Goblet Squats


by Nick Nilsson BrinkZone


Most standard weight training exercises operate in an up and down, forward and back plane of movement. But that leaves out the very important lateral component…and if you play any sports that require movement left or right you NEED to target those movement patterns as well.


That’s what this exercise does.


Start by holding a dumbbell in the Goblet position…your hands will under the top set of plates of the dumbbell, held at chest level.


Now take a step out to the left about 2 feet away.


Come down into a full squat.


Now, with a powerful, explosive movement out of the bottom, push back up to the standing position. This works the gluteus medius and minimus muscles of the left side.


Then repeat on the right side.


Keep going in this left and right pattern until you’ve completed your set.


This is an extremely good exercise for targeting direct lateral movement…something that a normal squat or lunge simply can’t do.


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