Intensity Amplifier 2 Plate Pec Burnout


By Dave Dreas ISSA, CPT Men’s Fitness

Bench press, incline/decline presses, flyes and dips are the norm for most when training the chest, but when is the last time you tried something new? This week’s intensity amplifier will highlight the 2-Plate Pec Press, an unorthodox, but effective way of stimulating new muscle growth.

Routine Goal:

The goal of this exercise is to finish off your chest workout by giving you a serious pump before your post workout stack.

Routine Notes:
Hold two plates together, shoulder-height in front of you, by pushing them together like you would be clapping your hands.
Avoid turning this exercise into a shoulder exercise by rotating your shoulders back (scapular retraction) and pushing your chest out.
Hold for the allotted amount of time.

Routine Structure:
Hold two plates together straight out in front of you and elevate them to shoulder-height.
Hold for 45 seconds.
Take a 15-second break.
Hold for 30 seconds.
Take a 15-second break.
Finish it off by holding for 15 seconds.

Note: This is a chest exercise and the shoulders are secondary. Be sure to use lighter weight so you get the maximum benefit of pumping up your chest. Adjust the time format based on your strength levels.


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