How To Increase Vascularity And Get Visible Veins

Having big muscles is great, but if you have road-map vascularity to go with it, your physique will always have that “edge”. If you had 2 guys with identical bodies; both completely jacked and ripped to shreds. But the only difference was that one was vascular and the other wasn’t. It’s only natural for your eyes to wonder more to the veiny guy. It almost highlights your muscles, just like a tan or oil would during a bodybuilding show.
Genetics & Vascularity

You hear a lot that vascularity is determined by your genetics, and that you cannot do a damn thing about it. The first part is true about genetics playing a role, but then everything to a degree is down to your genes. It is perfectly possible for a person to rarely see veins, to then have worm-like veins bulging a regular basis, if they are diligent with their diet/supplementation. By genetics playing a role, this refers to how naturally thick/thin your skin is.
Typically, guys with thinner skin are much more vascular. And if you have thicker skin, you will simply have extra layers covering your veins. This is also why some older men have scary vascularity, as your skin naturally thins as you age.

1. Body Fat

This one is a no-brainer. The more body fat you have, the less vascular you will be. Thus fat loss should be your main aim if you aren’t under 10% body fat. Once you reach below this % you will experience more pronounced veins.
Want to know what below 10% body fat looks like? Check out this post. To reduce body fat and get into single digits, be sure to combine a calorie deficit diet with a fat burner for best results.

Arnold proving vascularity increases as you age. He displays paper thin skin in his arms and shoulders during his senior years

2. Water retention

Between your muscles and skin is where water collects, known as water retention. This not only hides muscle definition but also increases the distance from your veins being located near the surface of your skin.
Flushing out water retention in this area is arguably the most effective way for creating freaky vascularity. There are 2 effective ways to do this. One is to significantly increase your water intake. This will cause your body to act like a fountain and will dramatically flush out unwanted water retention. Aim to double your water intake (4 litres recommended as a minimum).
Another great method to remove water is to use a diuretic. Diuretics will expel water hiding your veins. Just be ready to visit the bathroom a few more times than usual!

3. Increase Body Temperature

Have you ever noticed that people seem a lot more veiny in the summer compared to the winter. Or have you ever got off a sunbed or come out of a sauna to notice you’re more vascular than usual?
This is because when you’re hot, your body doesn’t want your internal organs to overheat. Thus as a defence mechanism your blood is pushed to the surface of your skin. As opposed to when your cold, and your blood flows inwards to provide heat to your internal organs.
One bodybuilder used this heat technique by blowing a hair dryer on his body before going out on stage. This guy had insane veins! See the video below.

I don’t expect you to carry around a hair dryer all day, but there are some ways to elevate your bodies core temperature by the foods you eat/supplements you take! Capsicum for example, in peppers, stimulates thermogenesis (heat production).
If you aren’t a fan of eating peppers, you can supplement with cayenne pepper on a daily basis. Cayenne pepper is not only great for heating up your body and increasing circulation, but it will also boost your metabolism. This will help burn additional fat stores. Heating yourself up via your diet is a great unknown trick for pushing blood flow closer to the surface of your skin.

4. Creatine

Creatine acts as a vasodilator, meaning more blood will flow into the muscles. This is the same principle as to why vascularity increases during a workout, when your muscles are pumped.
Many have misconceptions that creatine causes water retention, meaning less muscle definition and vascularity in theory. Creatine does cause water retention, but it is intracellular water retention. This means that water fills the inside of the muscle cells, as opposed to outside. This actually reduces fluid build up outside of the muscle cell – enhancing vascularity and muscle definition.

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