How 1 Minute On Intense Exercise Can Be More Beneficial



The one-minute workout sounds like the biggest fad in the fitness industry. The truth is that the science is now backing up the proponents of this type of workout. In a recent study, it was discovered that long hours of endurance can deliver just as many benefits as interval training, with participants in the study demonstrating almost identical progression in their aerobic fitness.


That’s just an example of what can be achieved. Countless studies have now arrived that seem to back up the idea that one-minute interval workouts can be just as effective as staying in the gym for hours every single day.


This article is going to go into why the one-minute workout can be so beneficial.


Why it Works Like This

One-minute interval exercise can be just as effective as endurance simply because the rate at which the heart beats equals itself out. Think about it like this. Someone who is participating in endurance exercise has a heart beating at a relatively low rate. Someone who is sprinting at an intense rate has a heart beating out of their chest. The difference in time essentially equals them both out.


The rate at which the muscles are being worked also equals out in the same way. This is a huge benefit and demonstrates that you can achieve just as much in one-minute as you can in 60.


Increase the Lactate Threshold

The muscles produce lactate to be converted back into glucose. Interval training allows the body to temporarily go above the normal lactate threshold. When your muscles hurt in the morning, it’s due to the amount of lactate acid pooling. Only recovery can allow you to get all your energy back and get rid of the pain in your muscles.


The one-minute workout pushes your lactate threshold to greater and greater heights, thus allowing you to do more before the muscles weaken and you breakdown. In layman terms, your muscles have more stamina and capacity to endure great strain.


Boosting the VO2 Max

The VO2 max is the amount of oxygen an athlete can take in before they crash. Interval training has been proven to induce endurance-like changes. In other words, you can gain the stamina and power of an endurance athlete through the one-minute workout. It’s also a fact that there are many people who have run marathons in competition for the first time simply through carrying out short bursts of interval training.


Improve Mental Health

Interval training puts an immense amount of strain on the body. It’s difficult to maintain a one-minute workout, especially in the beginning. It requires a lot of strength to push the body to its absolute limits. But when you master this you will become mentally stronger.


Many college counseling centers have better catered to the needs of students through promoting regular high-intensity exercise to help combat mental health issues. And even the average person can become stronger mentally through adopting one-minute workouts.


Managing the Onset of Disease

Interval training has also been responsible for assisting the body in dealing with the risk factors of many diseases, such as obesity, heart conditions, and diabetes. This happens because high-intensity workouts allow people to better improve their sensitivity to insulin. The amount of insulin action also increases in the body.
Experts have seen similar positive effects across a range of many and varied conditions that can impact you as you get older.


Improve Self-Esteem

Like anyone who exercises on a regular basis, it’s possible to improve your self-esteem simply through gaining a better body. When you become better looking and hip size decreases, you are naturally going to feel better about yourself. This has effects on two fronts.


First of all, you are going to have more confidence. You are not going to be held back by poor body image. This is going to allow you to achieve more with your life.
Secondly, you are going to have the confidence to inspire others. Those who have already done something are more likely to be able to help others do the same. By inspiring others, you can become a figure of respect in your office or local community.


Last Word

Most of these benefits can also be achieved with regular endurance training, but the one-minute workout allows you to do it even with a busy schedule. In some areas, you will witness results faster than you would with endurance training. It’s simply more efficient and better for you.





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