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From Charles Poliquin Live


Two simple things will make a difference if you want to pack on muscle quickly. First, train to failure to maximize muscle protein synthesis through mechanical stimulus.


Second, optimize your amino acid intake in the 24 hours after training to maximally stimulate protein synthesis through increased dietary amino acid availability. Get 10 grams of Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) at every meal.


EAAs are most important of all the aminos and research shows that the protein synthesis, which is activated when you train, can be increased by consuming adequate EAAs during the 24 hours after lifting.


A recent study found that training to failure achieved an “intensity” that amplifies the anabolic response and sensitizes the muscle to subsequent protein feeding for at least 24 hours.


Fully exhausting the muscle will optimally recruit Type 2 muscle fibers, which leads to activation of the greatest number of muscle fibers in order to sensitize the muscle to amino acids.


Interestingly, researchers found elevated protein synthesis and enhanced EAA sensitivity in response to using two very different loading schemes to failure: a 90 percent 1 RM load and a 30 percent 1 RM load. This was not the case with an exercise protocol using a 30 percent load that didn’t train to failure.


Researchers suggest that certain populations, such as the elderly or those with contraindications to heavy load training, can improve muscle mass and strength with high volume, low load training as long as it adequately fatigues the Type 2 fibers.


They should focus on eating consuming high-quality protein in doses every few hours after the workout as well. The protein source can be food-based, a protein powder, or EAA capsules, but the goal is to provide a steady stream of amino acids to the muscle.



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