Genetics Based Diets?

By Hank Shultz Nutra Ingredients USA


Network selling giant Amway has launched an integrated weight management program based on genetic testing. The program uses a simple test kit to help consumers determine which of several weight loss regimens will work best for them.

In taking a step toward personalized nutrition—the holy grail of the nutrition business—Amway needed to keep it simple to ensure that consumers would understand and use the system and its network selling partners could communicate its benefits, said Mark Nelson, director of health and wellness for Amway North America.


“It’s a simple, non-invasive swab of the person’s cheek using the swabs that are included in the Inherent Health Genetic Test kit,” Nelson told FoodNavigator-USA.


The sample is mailed off to a lab regulated by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services, which insures both testing quality and confidentiality, Nelson said.


“The person will receive a personalized, easy to understand test report and results booklet recommending their diet and exercise plan. If they have any questions, the test includes a free one-on-one session with a licensed, board certified genetic professional,” Nelson said.


Three basic types


The test seeks to break people down into the follow groups, dubbed Carb Reducer, Fat Trimmer or Better Balancer. Each has a suite of meal replacement shakes and supplements to match. The goal is to improve results and take some of the guess work and trial and error that goes into finding a weight loss regimen that works for a given individual.


“As one example, a person with a Carb Reducer diet identity can lose weight more quickly and maintain their weight loss when they consume a diet that is between 30-45% carbs,” Nelson said.


Key components of the program include:


Bodykey Meal Replacement Shakes. These are gluten free, available in chocolate and vanilla and sweetened with and without stevia. They also provide 22 vitamins and minerals.

BodyKey Appetite Control Chews help control appetite between meals and promote healthy digestion.

BodyKey Super Green Aloe Shots

The genetic test and the accompanying weight management plans

Subscription to the BodyKey online support community, featuring personalized recipes and menus, customizable exercises and fitness plans, mobile tracking tools and expert advice.


Plans can be tailored


When combined with exercise regimens, the program is customizable to some extent, Nelson said.


“There are actually six different reports, three diet identities along with two exercise identities. All plans require specific meal plans to ensure the overall macro nutrients are tracking to the right levels, supplementation and exercise,” he said.


But all the customization in the world won’t help if consumers don’t learn to push themselves away from the plate, Nelson said. It’s a tool, nothing more.


”Calorie restriction, along with exercise, is still an important component of our program. We recommend a base program of 1,500 calories that may be adjusted depending on your frame size.


“The daily caloric intake is consistent within each plan. The key to the plan is to reduce the specific macro nutrient that you are more likely to store as fat,” he said.


Source: http://mobile.nutraingredients-usa.c…s#.UUcbfhzV9hQ

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