Exercises That Make You Look Like a Man



This is the kind of all manly exercises. You are grabbing a heavy bar off the ground and lifting it up – looking like an absolute beast in the process.


In order to pull this lift off properly at higher weights you need to be completely focused and keep your entire body tight. It builds strength throughout your body but the deadlift emphasizes the glutes, legs and back in particularly.


If you aren’t currently deadlifting you probably don’t look very big and strong – so next time you go to the gym load up that bar and pull!



While the deadlift might be the king of all manly exercises the shoulder press is a close second. You are literally unracking the weight and pushing it above your head triumphantly.


This exercise also has a lot of real life applications like lifting a heavy box over your head or picking someone up. Unlike the bench press which is not commonly used in your day to day life. This exercise will build you an impressive set of shoulders and triceps.



Grab a heavy object like a weighted sled or tire and tie a rope to it. Attach the rope to yourself, lean forward and start moving! This exercise works your legs and lower body not to mention it will get your heart rate fired up which will allow you to burn off more calories around the clock.


Not every gym is equipped with this sort of gear so you might need to join a hardcore lifting gym to get it. Don’t let that deter you though as being around those sort of guys will help push you to get huge.



This is a particularly challenging exercise and works a lot of muscles that you might not work otherwise emphasize in your routine. It improves your grip strength and overall physique.


If the sandbag has handles don’t use them – instead force yourself to grip the weight and lift it up. The improved grip strength will help you in a lot of other exercises not to mention you will have a much firmer handshake.



This is a great back exercise that is often overlooked by lifters. In fact, you can build a respectable upper body just from doing pull-ups. Most people tend to compare themselves against other lifters by the amount they can bench press when they’d be better off comparing how many pull-ups they can do!


Once you are able to do 10 pull-ups properly (arms fully extended at the bottom and chin above the bar at the top) start adding some weight. You can do this with a belt, by holding a weight between your feet or even by asking someone to hold onto your back while you do them.


Doing weighted pull-ups adds some serious width to the back and will give you that coveted V-look.



There’s nothing manlier than manual labor – think Arnold at the beginning of Total Recall when he is working as a laborer (even if most guys working a power drill don’t have the type of body he does).


We live in a world where most people work at a desk – it’s comfortable but it can easily lead to complacency and is certainly not manly. So grab a sledgehammer and start slamming it right into a tire.


It will work all of your upper and lower-body muscles, relieve stress and make you feel like a man. Just make sure you don’t hit yourself in the foot!



Don’t think that just because we put this one last it’s any less important than the others. This exercise will build a ton of mass on your legs not to mention you will be able to lift a ton of weight making you feel pretty damn masculine!


If you are the type of lifter who only trains upper-body you are seriously missing out on 1) having a balanced physique and 2) getting all the testosterone-boosting benefits of squats and other lower-body exercises.


Source: http://broscience.co/exercises-make-look-like-man/



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