9 Ways Bodybuilding Improves Your Life



Like just about anything worth accomplishing in life, building a great body requires discipline, hard work and a focused mind. Remember the first time you tried bench pressing?


You probably had big plans to move some serious weight – only to struggle to even do a single rep at 135.


At that point benching 1.5x your bodyweight probably seemed impossible – but over time you constantly improve on your PR until one day you are banging out reps at 225 like it’s nothing.


A lot of guys think bodybuilding is a waste of time because it only builds muscle which isn’t practical.


That couldn’t be further from the truth – while bodybuilding will certainly improve your physique it will also enhance your life in numerous other ways.


For this article we are going to focus on those other benefits you can expect from following a steady resistance training program.




While most schools tend to have strength training programs for their athletes, once you graduate it’s pretty much up to you to keep it up.


Most people however continue to play their sports without continuing to improve their body.


As a result their physical performance is limited and they reach their performance ceiling way too quickly.


Guess which guys continue to improve at their chosen sport though – it’s the ones who put in the time at the gym. Even if they aren’t as talented as their peers they are able to outperform them due to their quickness and strength.



People talk a lot about functional strength and training specifically for it.


Well, even if you are doing a pure bodybuilding routine you will still benefit from a huge jump in functional strength.


Tasks like moving furniture, carrying groceries or manhandling your girlfriend in bed will all seem a lot easier.


We’re not saying you’ll be able to lift cars off the ground but you will constantly be reminded throughout the day of how much easier your life has become as a result of your added strength.



While most guys don’t start lifting weights in order to reap the stress-relief benefits, few will deny that it’s one of the reasons that keeps them going back.


Our lives can become quite busy and stressful and the weight room is a great way to channel that energy and frustration into something positive.


Unless they have a terrible workout most guys tend to go home feeling relaxed and calm after a tough workout.



At this point you’ve definitely come to realize that building muscle takes a lot of patience.


Those guys who join the gym expecting to put on 20 pounds in 2 months don’t last long – but the ones who slowly and steadily work toward their goal tend to stick around.


This teaches you an important life lesson – that achieving your goals takes patience.


These days everyone is looking for a shortcut or the fastest way to get what they want without having to put in the work. It should come as no surprise that most of these people aren’t very successful in their lives, careers, etc.



This point ties into the previous one. If you want to be successful at improving your body you can’t just treat it as a side-hobby – you really have to put a lot of hard work into it.


Funny enough, just about everyone who is successful in their chosen career, field of study or sport has a work ethic that is far superior to their peers.


If you are able to put in the type of work that it requires to be successful then you definitely have the work ethic necessary to be successful in other areas of your life.


Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger for example. He was an extremely dedicated bodybuilder as we know – but most people don’t realize that he already owned an entire apartment building in his early 20s – not to mention several small businesses!


Clearly his insane work ethic and dedication carried over into his professional life which shows he would have likely accumulated a lot of wealth even if he hadn’t become a multi-Olympia winner or movie star.


Keep in mind Arnold was a recent immigrant to the USA – he had a strong accent and didn’t have any support from his parents who were still living in Europe.


That sort of work ethic is hard to find in younger generations, so if you can find it in yourself to develope it you will have a huge advantage over your peers.



Pushing yourself to your limit at the gym really gives you a new take on life.


Yes we understand that sentence sounded pretty cheesy, but hear us out.


Over time you start to notice your body and strength improving and it makes you realise that you have control over your life.


You can do what you need to do to improve your life if you are willing to put into the effort.


It makes you appreciate what you have and makes you feel less like a “victim of life”. Don’t be surprised that once you start to make progress in the gym you also start making progress in other areas of your life.



A lot of fat, feminist-types these days are trying to frame bodybuilding and fitness in general as being narcissistic and selfish.


We all know the reality is that these people are just jealous and would rather shit on others than actually improve their own bodies.


The vast majority of the population still wishes they could have a great body – and your progress will inspire them to take action in their own lives.



There are a number of reasons why guys who lift hook up with the hottest girls.


The first and most obvious reason is that they look good. While women might not be as visually-oriented as men are, they still appreciate a guy with a good body, particularly when so many guys are skinny-fat, lanky or just plain chubby.


The other reason is that the work ethic you put into improving your body will translate to other areas of your life like career, relationships, etc.


You will become a more high-value man overall, which will attract higher quality women into your life.


Don’t be surprised if after a few years you are dating women that you previously thought were completely out of your league!



Did you know that lifting heavy weights and living an active lifestyle raises testosterone levels?


Testosterone is responsible for numerous benefits and healthy functions in the body including:

  • You will build more muscle mass
  • You will maintain your muscle mass better
  • You will get leaner and more cut
  • Your sex drive will increase as well as harder erections
  • better mood and your confidence will increase


So it’s no secret why guys want to have higher testosterone levels.

If you are interested in learning how you can effectively increase your natural testosterone production check out our complete guide on testosterone boosting supplements by clicking here.



Bodybuilding is one of the best hobbies you can undertake as a man.


It benefits your life in so many ways that it’s almost a shame to NOT lift. The gains don’t come easy- but if they did everyone would be jacked and rich like Arnold.


Put in the work and even if you don’t become the next Mr. Olympia you will certainly live a higher-quality life than before.


Source: http://broscience.co/9-ways-bodybuilding-improves-life/

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