7 Ways To Boost Vascularity & Get Veins



So you want to boost vascularity in your body?


Every guy wants to have that defined, vascular look – it makes 15” biceps seem like 17” biceps and definitely intimidates other dudes.


Some people are able to achieve this look naturally thanks to good genetics while others tend to have a harder time either because of the way their body is designed or because they carry too much bodyfat.


If you fall into the later category you have undoubtedly been frustrated by the lack of progress in getting that look.


Fortunately for you there actually are a number of ways you can make those veins pop more – so check out our tips below how to boost vascularity.



As your muscles get bigger they need more blood to function. Since your veins carry the blood to these muscles they can sometimes have a hard time meeting their needs – so what do they do?


They expand so that more blood can be transported.


You probably notice that guys who are vascular tend to have larger veins – that’s because the bigger your veins are the more likely they are to pop.


This tip shouldn’t be too hard for you because chances are if you are trying to get huge veins you are already lifting heavy in the gym to put on muscle.


So to further boost vascularity aim to put on some quality muscle mass and you will definitely look more vascular.



The last time you got a pump (hopefully it wasn’t too long ago) you probably noticed that your veins were bigger and protruding more than usual.


This is because they were working overtime to transport more blood to the working muscles.


If you train in such a way as to achieve a pump you will be more likely to carry that vascular look throughout the day. That means training with high intensity and short rests, sometimes shooting for the higher rep range as well if necessary.


Another technique you can use to accentuate the vascularity in a specific area is by doing blood-flow restriction.


That means restricting the blood flow by using a wrap so that the blood pools in that area since the veins can’t carry it back to the heart.


Remember that this technique only works for one area at a time and is best kept for the end of your workout.



This one should be obvious but it never ceases to amaze us how many guys wonder why they aren’t vascular when they have bodyfat % over 20%.


Remember that bodyfat lies right on top of your muscle mass so if your veins are going to protrude they have to work their way through all that blubber.


In other words, it’s unlikely you are going to see much vascularity. Work towards getting your bodyfat % under 10% although certain areas like the biceps might become more vascular before that.


Remember that when you are cutting fat it’s important to continue to perform resistance training and not to diet too drastically.


If you perform endless cardio and no resistance training you are going to burn just as much muscle as fat.


Same idea if you are eating too little – the muscle will melt away just as fast as the fat. As a result you won’t look very vascular when you are done dieting- you will just look “skinny-fat”.



While we are on the topic of dieting and fat loss let’s talk a bit more about cardio. A lot of guys think the best way to cut fat is to get on a treadmill for 45 minutes at the same speed.


The truth is that this type of training tends to burn more muscle than fat, particularly when combined with a restrictive diet.


Instead you want to focus on high intensity interval training.


This type of cardio involves doing short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by a short rest period.


It’s ideal for burning fat while maintaining muscle mass and takes a lot less time than steady-state cardio.


Another benefit of cardio is that it improves the ability of your body to transport blood to various muscles. As a result you will be able to get much more intense pumps and achieve a more vascular look.



If you are looking to get as pumped and vascular as possible for a particularly activity like a photoshoot – you should be doing your training session right before being photographed.


Pumps unfortunately don’t last long, so you have a crucial 20 minute window after training to get your pictures done.


This is the time to get your latest tinder pictures captured – just try and get a friend to take them so you don’t look like every other bro posting gym mirror selfies.



If your body holds less water you will look more vascular. A great way to do that is drinking a lot of water so your body is constantly flushing out water.


If you have been drinking a lot of water for a week and suddenly drop your water intake your body will still be in flushing mode and get rid of that excess water that makes you look softer.


Some fat burners also reduce water retention in the body.


Which means that they contain ingredients that will make you flush out water and therefore you will look more shredded.- See the top 3 fat burners on the market here.


They will also increase your metabolism making it easier for you to lose fat and with less fat you will definitely boost your vascularity.



When you exercise your body produces extra nitric oxide – this element helps transport blood quickly to areas around the body by relaxing the blood vessels.


here are a ton of supplements out there that can provide you with a similar effect and they are certainly worth checking out if your goal is to look more vascular. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


Nitrates – beetroot and pomegranate juice are great sources of nitrates. They are proven through many studies to improve blood flow and relax the blood vessels. You don’t need to take too much to get a solid impact – 1k milligrams of pomegranate extract prior to working out will lead to bigger pumps and more vascularity.

Creatine – guys who take creatine tend to get some pretty nice pumps. That’s because creatine helps draw more water and nutrients inside of your muscles, making them protrude more. As a result, the veins stick out more and they end up looking pretty damn shredded.

Fat Burners – You’ve seen us talk a lot about keeping bodyfat levels low in this article. That’s because it’s the most crucial element in being vascular, aside from genetics.


Source: http://broscience.co/7-ways-to-boost-vascularity-get-veins/



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