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The word never shouldn’t be in your vocabulary.

Some people want to tell you that competing in a bodybuilding competition is a futile endeavor. You lack the genetics, you don’t have the time to put in the right work, we’ve all heard the excuses before. But they’re just that; excuses. Getting up on stage could be one of the most gratifying things you can do in your life and here’s why.

1. Gives you a goal
There’s nothing more important in life than setting a goal and following through on it. When you sign up to compete in a competition you’re likely to go into fight or flight mode. Either you’re going to train your ass off so you can do your best in the competition or you’ll turn tail and run. I suggest the former over the latter. There’s nothing more motivating than completing a goal.

2. Live without regrets
How many people go through life never following through on an idea that’s been churning in their head. Telling themselves maybe I can do it, until one day, due to time or bad luck, your chance to complete the task is no longer an option. Sitting down and wondering how you would’ve done is the worst feeling in the world. Here’s the cure for that: go and compete. This will eliminate all that worry.

3. Learn to deal with failure
You may not win every competition. Hell, you may not even place. But there’s a life lesson for you. Dealing with failure is one of the key components to eventually becoming successful. Not competing because you’re afraid of the losing is the kind of mentality you need to shed. If you’ve been thinking about competing then follow through if only to test your resolve and break that fear of failing.

4. Build your confidence
Having confidence issues? There’s nothing better than training and competing to build up your confidence. By training hard and creating a physique that others can admire you’re taking the first step to shedding those confidence issues. Competing on stage in front of a large crowd of people is sure to be nerve racking, but once you’ve done it a few times you’ll watch your confidence sky rocket. You’ve done something only a small percentage of people dare to do. After that, no one would blame you for walking around with a chip on your shoulder.

5. You may just have what it takes
How do you think Phil Heath became a champion? By being afraid to take risks? By doubting himself. No. The man took a chance, saw that he had potential and went for it. The most important competition he’s ever faced was his very first. Why? Because it revealed the opportunity to take things to the next level. No one gets anywhere by refusing to try. If bodybuilding is what you want to pursue then stop second guessing yourself and aim to hit the posing stage. It’s the only way to find out if you have what it takes.

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