31 Hidden benefits of Working Out



As well as many obvious benefits to working out, there are also a lot of hidden benefits, so prepare yourself, as we take you through our list of 31 hidden benefits!


#1) People respect you more – seems strange, but people seem to subconsciously award more respect to someone that is in shape.
#2) It teaches discipline.
#3) Improved health.
#4) Reduced fear of pain because we expose ourselves to it daily and push through it
#5) Improved sense of wellbeing.
#6) Improved sexual performance – Cause a fitter body can only enhance your performance!
#7) Improved choice of partners – An improved physical appearance will mean more of the opposite sex find you attractive, ultimately increasing the numbers for you to chose from!
#8) Stress release – It’s therapy for some people.
#9) Increased serotonin levels
#10) Meeting new people with common interests in the gym.
#11) Being more in tune and able to read what your body is telling you.
#12) Understanding that things can take time, but are ultimately worth the wait
#13) More confident – from day-to-day activities, to job interviews to approaching girls… in all aspects of life.
#14) Increased mental strength.
#15) Those around you feel safer in your presence.
#16) Productive way to spend time instead of procrastinating or participating in something unproductive like watching TV.
#17) Increased self belief – because at some point, if you train hard, you’ll push yourself to places you never though you could.
#18) Excuse to buy new clothes – because changing shape, either losing or gaining weight, whatever your goal, you’ll need new clothes.
#19) Easier to fall asleep at night due exhausting workouts.
#20) Social benefits – making some friends for life through your shared passion. No matter where you are, if you see someone else that lifts you automatically have common ground and can easily strike a conversation.
#21) Feel of pride in yourself
#22) Improved ability to focus from practicing it daily in the gym.
#23) Learning about your body – No doubt over time you’ll learn lots about your body, what makes it react in certain ways and what works best for it.
#24) Exercise causes a release of chemicals in the brain that are proven to reduce the chance of depression.
#25) Inadvertently removes negative people and bad influences out of your life, as while you progress, they’re left behind, stagnating. Another reason over time you’ll find that most of your friends are formed through the gym and go to the gym because they have similar mind sets to yourself and are too progressing in life as you are.
#26) Looking damn fine naked!
#27) Random encounters – because when you’re in shape, people are much more lifely to randomly talk to you, pass comment or ask you something than if you were just an average joe…
#28) Feeling of control – It teaches you that if you don’t like something, if you do something about it, actively taking steps to change it, over time you can change it and it is in your control, which can be a very empowering feeling.
#29) There’s something to look forward to every day… GYM TIME!!!
#30) Improved anger management – You’ll learn how to channel your anger into something productive. For example, you manager at work really p*ssed you off??? Use that to drive you in the gym! Pushing you harder than anything ever before!
#31) Understanding that hard work pays off!! Because anything worth having in life doesn’t come easy…


Source: http://broscience.co/31-hidden-benefits-working/

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