If you’ve been keeping up with the “Low-T” hype that the mainstream media has put out, you may have noticed articles and studies coming out that support the idea that you can actually BOOST your T-levels with FOOD… That’s right. No needles or medications or hormone patch therapy required… This means that you can get the high-T benefits such as more lean muscle mass, accelerated fat loss and heightened libido WITHOUT the need for medical attention – and this also means less of a struggle to get the six pack abs you want.


Recent research has showed us that there are actually a lot of negative health implications associated with low testosterone – it doesn’t just make it more difficult to get six pack abs, or make your libido lower…. It’s linked to high blood pressure, obesity, chronic fatigue, depression, and heart disease.


Luckily, there are some really SIMPLE things you can take care of to keep your testosterone in the higher end of the range – and as always, it’s natural, healthy, and will support your six pack abs lifestyle.


A Fatty breakfast. I’ve already told you that you MUST have breakfast if you want six pack abs – and you MUST have good fats in your diet too; but did you know that ensuring you have these proper fats will actually increase your testosterone?


Here’s how: Dietary fats contribute to the create of cholesterol. The right fats will form “good” cholesterol carriers, or “HDL”, which is the main contributing factor to the actual synthesis of the testosterone hormone itself.


With this understanding, it’s SO important to get T-upping nutrition first thing in the morning.. Here’s what I recommend eating:


Bacon and WHOLE eggs. I know, sounds counterintuitive… However, the dietary fats found within egg yolks and within CONTROLLED portions of bacon are shown to support the ideal cholesterol levels for max T-production.


Other great options are avocados, nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, and grass fed butters. And, if you want an easier way to boost your fats, take omega 3 fish oil supplements.


Next step, which you’ll see is very dominant in my “Six Pack Abs Menu” (link) -: Eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables.


Along with helping control your triglycerides, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and other veggies actually reduce estrogen levels in your body, promoting higher testosterone levels. I always recommend that with every meal, you have two handfuls of these types of vegetables – especially for six pack abs. Make sure you add some fruit to that breakfast too, or some spinach with your eggs!


Next, I want to share with you some information that most of my six pack abs clients are actually NOT AWARE of:


If you didn’t know, research is telling us that one of the main reasons our testosterone continues to drop every year is the radical amount of chemicals in our air and food. So if you want a boost, you need to avoid these chemicals for both raising T AND getting six pack abs.


Here’s what you NEED to look out for:

– BPA: These are found in plastic bottles, plastic food packaging and even on common store receipts… The easy transition you can make to overcome this is to switching your plastic water bottle or jug over to a glass bottle and switching your plastic tupperware that you store meals in, into glass ware. Some bottles even have a label now that says “no BPA.”

– Pesticides: Found on common fruits and vegetables. The fix? WASH YOUR FOOD BEFORE YOU EAT IT! You don’t have to transition your grocery shopping completely over to high-end organics to reduce the risk of pesticide consumption.

– Phthalates and parabens: These are found in most personal care products like lotions and shaving creams – Fortunately, there are plenty of natural product alternatives that are typically sitting on the same shelf as the toxin packed options so this is an easy fix, it just takes a few extra moments to check out the ingredient list on the bottle before you buy it.

When making positive nutrition transitions, especially one that supports T-levels and your quest for six pack abs, remember that the real danger comes when you eat a diet high in sugars and carbohydrates (90% of Americans). So what you need to do in conduction with your high fat diet is take in a lot of cruciferous vegetables, limit your carb intake, don’t touch toxic sugars and be aware of the specific chemicals that can shut your whole high-T & six pack abs operation down… And of course, exercise regularly using my quick and easy program here (link to exercise article).


Source: http://sixpackabs.com/3-tips-to-immediately-boost-your-testosterone/



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