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In our current day and age, a common train of thought is that newer is always better. In a fast moving world of science and technology, 1 year is a decade, and 50 years is an ice age. But even though smith machines and state of the art ellipticals are definitely great tools in our arsenal. There’s something to be said about old school creativity. Pioneers of yesteryear had to find a way to look super human by very simple means, and even fewer resources. So how did they do it? Check out these 4 exercises bodybuilders of the Golden Era utilized to become champions and turn the human body into art.


Exercise #1 – Pinch grip deadlift
Created by 1950’s Mr. Olympia winner Steve Reeves, this is the exercise he credits to widening his already wood barrel chest. The pinch grip deadlift is a great way to incorporate back, legs, and grip strength into your arsenal.


Place a plates at each end of the barbell, grasp the rim of the plates and bend the knees, lowering the hips. Then pull the weight until you stand up at full size and after a short pause, return the weight to the ground by bending the waist and knees.


Exercise #2 – The spider curls
The first ever Mr. Olympia Larry Scott loved this exercise because it helped him to further develop already big biceps as spider curls improve inside and outside of the biceps.


Start out by setting the bar on the part of the preacher bench that you would normally sit on. Make sure to align the barbell properly so that it is balanced and will not fall off.


Exercise #3 – The double barbell press
One barbell isn’t enough. This exercise first thought of by two time Mr. Universe Reg Parker. Famous for experimenting with balance and technique, Parker developed an exercise that develops the shoulders, triceps, and pecs while improving balance and concentration at the same time.


Lay with your back on a flat bench. Place your feet about shoulder width apart. Get two spotters to hand you both barbells at the same time. Press both barbells straight up in the air without losing form. If you perform this exercise improperly or with too much weight you have a great chance of injury do to wide range of weight distribution. Start of slow and concentrate on perfect form.


There you have it. Three exercises you’re not doing that the God father’s of bodybuilding gave you for free. Take advantage of their blood, sweat, and tears, by adding these to your arsenal and step on stage with a modern yet classic physique.


Source: http://generationiron.com/4-lost-exercises-of-the-golden-era-that-build-guarunteed-champions/



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