Why Athletes Must Make Performance Enhancing Decisions



In today’s world of sports, the acronym PED, which stands for Performance Enhancing Drugs, has become taboo. Any time an older player has extraordinary success, people want to attribute it to PEDs. Whenever a player makes a dramatic improvement in his or her level of performance, PEDs are suspected.


That’s the world we live in today. Rather than giving athletes credit for mental toughness second to none and busting their butts training harder than most, we judge. We criticize. We find unethical reasons for their success instead of giving them credit for hard work. That is because over that past 15 years or so, we have become jaded. Some athletes cheated and had success. I’m not naïve enough to think there are no cheaters in the world. There will always be cheaters. No doubt about it. Not just in sports. In all areas of society. That’s part of life. But, the thing about cheaters is they eventually get caught or exposed, and the world sees them for who they really are.


All that said, I’m here to advocate the use of MY PEDs. No I haven’t lost my mind and I’m not an illegal drug dealer. However, MY PEDs are more powerful and more addicting than their illegal counterparts. And best of all, they’re free and will NEVER get you in trouble.


How am I qualified to make these statements, you might ask? I have been a peak performance strategist and an advocate of the personal development industry for over two decades. So I’m confident in telling you that to be successful in any business or activity, you must use PEDs. Every day, multiple times a day.


Before you write me off as the newest member of the Looney Tunes family, please read the below excerpt from my recently published book, Go Prove Something! A Basketball Player’s Guide to Legally Using PEDs. It will give you a better understanding of how my mind works. Spoiler Alert: PEDs are not illegal drugs. The PEDs I am referring to are “Performance Enhancing Decisions.”


Performance Enhancing Decisions
Every day, on average, we make in excess of 35,000 decisions—simple decisions like when to brush our teeth, what shirt and shoes to wear, what to pack for lunch, what color pen to use, where to stand on the subway, and so on.


These are not the kinds of decisions I’m talking about when I refer to PEDs. But you probably knew that already. Although simple decisions like those can impact your life, they’re generally part of your daily routine and aren’t particularly significant.


PEDs are decisions that matter.


Now, if you’re expecting a big secret about what constitutes a life-altering decision, I’ll tell you up front: There’s no secret. I don’t have a groundbreaking technique to help you make better decisions.


Why not?

Because, I honestly believe you already know what to do. For example, let’s say you have a final exam tomorrow and you haven’t been putting in the necessary study time. With the pressure on, there are a few things you can do. You can:

  • Decide it’s a lost cause and not study.
  • Panic and not study.
  • Beat yourself up about being behind and not study.
  • Decide to buckle down and study your butt off.


Hmm . . . Which one is the PED?


Another example: On the court, let’s say today is Monday and you have a game this weekend against your division rival. First place is on the line and you’ve been in a shooting slump recently. The decision you need to make is: Do you use your free time to goof off with your friends or do you get your butt to the gym, work with your coach and figure out why you haven’t been shooting well—and then train, train, TRAIN?


You can see that using PEDs is pretty simple. And although I probably don’t need to make this next point, I will anyway: Using PEDs regularly doesn’t mean you never goof off with your friends. That’s part of life too, and a great part at that.


Sometimes, though—particularly when something big is on the line—your prescription calls for the right PED.


It’s been said that one thought can change your life. After reading this, I think it’s safe to say that your mind has now been changed. No longer will you give PEDs the same negative connotation. Remember that when you make PEDs a part of your daily routine. The only thing that can happen is you move toward success. Next time you’re in a position to make an important decision, ask yourself, “is this decision performance enhancing?” If the answer is no, recalculate. If the answer is yes, congrats. You are now a MY PED user. The next step is to become a hard core addict. Do it and expect to win.


Source: http://www.stack.com/a/why-athletes-must-make-performance-enhancing-decisions?

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