WATCH: Bro in Jeans Deadlifts 505 Pounds and Supersets With Backflips



By Rob Scott


Have you ever been on the way to the supermarket, walked past a gym and thought, “Oh, I better get my swole on?” No? Well, this bro has. At least that’s what I imagine him doing, since he’s lifting an absolute ton of weight—in jeans.


Working out in jeans is uncomfortable. It restricts your movement and limits your ability to lift heavy weight. That alone makes this video impressive. Not to mention the fact that the dude is deadlifting 505 pounds!



Adding to the madness, he decides to superset his exercise with backflips. That’s right, between reps of the Deadlift, he does backflips for good measure. It’s puzzling how he can do this all in jeans, but check out the awesome video below.




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