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A classic to build your chest and back.

It’s an exercise that many people seem to leave out of their routines these days; the dumbbell pull over. Since bodybuilding and fitness became apart of the popular culture, training and developing the chest muscles have always been considered the most important muscle to be worked on for the adult male. It’s practically the symbol of manliness anywhere you go.

So why the argument for the dumbbell pull over? Well, when you have all the old school pros swearing by the exercise then it may be time to take notice. Frank Zane, Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger have all sung the praises of this all time classic. Besides working the chest, all these top bodybuilders have claimed to receive great back gains from the exercise, particularly the lats. The range of motion you can get with this exercise effectively works the entire upper body ensuring some solid gains.

You may be wondering about the rumor that this classic workout can do some serious damage to your shoulders. That may be true when you first start out, particularly when you don’t have the form down and you’re using considerable weight. But all in all, with controlled movements and light to moderate weight, especially for beginners, you won’t be putting too much stress on your shoulders when performing the movement. When your form gets awesome you can follow this video to the T.



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