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If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

So you’re a bodybuilder. You’re tough, you’re strong, you scream, you grunt, you lift. You’ve pretty much got this bodybuilding thing covered…or do you? While lifting is definitely the main focus of bodybuilding sometimes this the part that can be the most counterproductive. But how? Neglecting the aspects of lifting outside the gym are bad habits that many bodybuilders have and we’ve managed to boil it down to a top 5. Are you a repeat offender? The guys over at I’ll Pump You Up put together a comprehensive video of how you might be messing up. We’ve broken it down for you in this list. Check it out:



Pride is the 1st deadly sin for a reason, starring in the mirror too long can cause you to lose focus and take away from your massive gains. Yeah we know you want to check your progress, but like narcissus falling in love with your own image can be destructive behavior. Stay focused, you know why you’re there, lift things up and put them down, now from a different angle, now repeat. Check your progress, then keep it moving!


Let Me See Dem Blood Works

You lift, you eat clean, you’re going to live forever right? Wrong. Sure you take care of the outside but do you even go to the doctor bro? Many lifters aren’t getting their blood work checked and are unaware of very critical numbers that don’t concern their bench press. Liver enzymes, T-level count, and cholesterol are all levels that should be monitored on a regular basis especially when you’re pushing yourself to the limit like most bodybuilders. C’mon guys, geez!


Get A Life

Now we know at this point you’re beginning to love the smell of the gym and lifting weights is life. We get that, only a small amount of obsessive mofo’s have got what it takes to make it in this sport. However, you need a life outside of bodybuilding. Overtraining is bad, you know that, but besides that you’ve got to make sure your house is in order. Things like personal finance and relationship with loved are all things that should be cherished and maintained. For those of you less sentimental types this is also good for you lifting. It gives you an opportunity to come at it again fresh and with a new perspective.


Mental Health

Not a very common subject for most bodybuilders in general, mental health is something often swept under the rug. You need to make time to de-stress and unplug from the harder, faster mind-set. Simple things like going for a walk or watching a movie can help, just don’t start thinking about your macro count before the 2nd act. Relax…it’s okay, we won’t tell anyone.


Do your friends and family still know what you look like? If not, that good be a sign you’re neglecting your relationships. Everyone knows the famous Arnie video on his father’s death. He didn’t make the funeral and do this day he regrets it. Don’t be like this Arnold. Be like the Arnold that has cable. You can still be a champion and have healthy relationships with friends, lovers, and family. Be an adult, get organized and prioritize and it should be fine.

Tim Muriello (Fitness & Supplement Expert) from gives an instructional video on how to implements the points we’ve just talked about in real time.






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