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Don’t be content with being skinny.


Building muscle is every bodybuilders goal. It’s the reason they wake up in the morning and prepare meals with a proper macro balance. It’s the reason we get into the gym and work our asses off in hopes of seeing meaningful changes to our physiques. For the ectomorph, those who can’t gain muscle or fat easily, the journey to building a heavily muscled form can be a truly arduous task.


For the ectomorph, putting on muscle could seem to be nearly impossible. It requires much more than dedication and the correct food choices. It takes more than desire and drive. You have to plan accordingly in order to see the results you so desperately seek. If you’re looking to pack on muscle and have an impressive form then you need to follow a routine that is guaranteed to give you the gains that seem so far out of reach.


If you’re looking to gain size and mass, to have the body you’ve always dreamed about, then we have some tips to make you an awesome hardgainer with unlimited potential.



Remember that part where we said drive and desire won’t be enough? Well that still holds true, but it’s a great stepping stone. If you want to see some change in your physique it means heading to the gym as often as possible and maintaining the drive to continue to workout on a constant basis. Change in your physique may be slow going, but you won’t see change if you decide to take days off from the gym. Consistency in training and diet is a must.


Speaking of diet, eating is a major component to gaining mass. In order to build muscle you’ll have to consume more calories than you burn when you get in the gym. This means eating more calories than maintenance. Does that mean you should shovel whatever you want down your gullet? Nope! It means that you should follow a macronutrient diet that has an emphasis on protein in order to feed that muscle and make it grow.


When most skinny guys look to build up muscle they hit the gym and perform as many reps and sets as possible going to failure almost every time. While that may show great resolve, it’s not going to get you to where you want to go. When first training it’d be a good idea to start off with moderate weight, lifting for 5-8 reps, compound movements being great to stimulate growth. Does that mean you shouldn’t lift heavy? Hell no! Progressively increasing the weight over time should definitely be your goal in order to stimulate new muscle growth.

This is something that most people tend to forget when they’re busy thrashing their bodies in the gym. In order to see results, you must rest your body. You can eat all you want, lift all you want, be as consistent as possible, but if you don’t get adequate rest then you’ll see less than desirable results. You’ll see more signs of growth if you get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Your muscles will thank you later.


Source: http://generationiron.com/tired-of-being-skinny-4-rules-for-hardgainers



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