This Full-Body Workout Has Everything You Need



By Jim Carpentier


Have you already started your summer off-season conditioning program? Think of a quick full-body workout as having all the ingredients of a “complete meal.” Focusing only on building strength and size each workout is like having only protein on your plate without the necessary carbs and good fat (olive oil). To be a “complete” athlete, you need to include speed, endurance, balance and agility in your training.


The following short and intense full-body workout can be performed in 20 minutes while fulfilling each sport’s performance requirements.




  • Two heavy dumbbells (80-90% RM)
  • Three cones (or other markers)
  • Timer
  • Water Bottle



  • Perform the workout on non-consecutive days for adequate recovery.
  • Use a football field or large open space for the various sprints and exercises.
  • Place one cone or marker 20 yards away; a second cone 10 yards from first; and the third cone 20 yards from the second.
  • Hydrate before, during and after the workout.
  • Do a dynamic upper- and lower-body warm-up (e.g., Arm Circles and Lunges).
  • Finish with a cool-down of upper- and lower-body static stretches for optimal range of motion and flexibility.

Push-Ups/Forward Sprint. 10 Push-Ups immediately followed by 20-yard forward sprint.
Reverse Sprint/Farmer’s Walk. Backpedal 20 yards, pick up dumbbells using good form (bent knees, hips out, back straight not rounded), and do 10-yard Farmer’s Walk. Put dumbbells down, rest 15 seconds, pick up dumbbells and do Farmer’s Walk 10 yards back to start position. Take a 15-second water break.


Single-Leg Dumbbell Taps/Diagonal Sprints. Place both dumbbells upright about a few inches apart). Standing a foot away and centered between the dumbbells, lift your left foot off the ground with your knee bent. Reach across with your right hand and tap one dumbbell, rise up, and do 9 more reps. Repeat reps with your right foot off the ground, and immediately sprint diagonally right 10 yards, then diagonally 10 yards left. Backpedal to the start position, rest 30 seconds and hydrate.


Farmer’s Walk/Push-Ups/Cariocas. Do a 20-yard Farmer’s Walk immediately followed by five Push-Ups, Cariocas to the left for 10 yards, five Push-Ups, and Cariocas to the right for 10 yards.


Squat Thrusts/Planks. Do 10 Squat Thrusts immediately followed by a 10-second Prone Plank; then five Squat Thrusts/10-second Right Side Plank; then three Squat Thrusts/10-second Left Side Plank. Hydrate and finish with the static stretches.




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