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Stop missing these muscles.


When training to build what you consider to be the perfect physical form, you’re more than likely going to be training the classic muscle groups. The biceps, triceps, hamstrings, quads, calves, pecs, lats, these are the body parts that most bodybuilders focus on when they intend to build up their bodies. It only makes sense, especially since they are the major muscle groups of the body after all. But building a superior body is more than just pouring focus into the major muscle groups. Sometimes a bodybuilder needs to emphasize on some of the smaller muscle groups of the body in order to achieve the best overall gains.


With that said, here are some of the most neglected muscle groups in the body and why you should be training them.



Of all the muscle groups on this list, this one may be the most obvious yet most under trained. The brachialis is a muscle that flexes the elbow joint. It can add some thickness to your arms, specifically between the biceps and triceps. It can definitely add a new wrinkle to your arm development. The best way to train this muscle group is by curling a dumbbell, palms facing downwards or by performing hammer curls.


Tibialas Anterior

This muscle is located on the front area of the shin. Though to many it may seem like an unimportant muscle group to develop, it can definitely add a great aesthetic to you leg development. Flexing the toes back towards the shins will activate the muscle and it requires little to no weight to engage the muscle completely. It’s a very simple muscle to work as well, so next time you’re training legs it’s definitely something you should add to you workout.


Wrist Extensors

A muscle group that travels along the outer forearms, wrist extensors are definitely a highly visible body part. When the muscle is worked to perfection it can increase a lifters grip strength allowing them to push or pull more weight. Reverse wrist curls are great for building up this muscle group.





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