The Reasons You Should Be Squatting

By Jeremey DuVall, M.S., CPT Men’s Fitness


Squatting variations like barbell back squats and front squats are a favorite among powerlifters, bodybuilders and other athletes for one reason: they work. Not only are they effective for building an insanely strong lower body; they also deliver a number of numerous benefits including increased hormone release and improved flexibility.


Read on to find out why you should put aside your pride and make squats a staple of your weekly routine.


1. Increased hormone release


Total body exercises are potent stimulators for muscle-building hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. Because they involve almost every muscle in the body, the cause a great stimulus for growth. Load up a challenging weight to reap the anabolic hormonal benefits that will help you build muscle everywhere – not just your lower half.


2. Enhanced core strength


Since squats are typically loaded from top to bottom, either in the form of a barbell or a dumbbell, your core has to work double-time to prevent injury and maintain an upright posture. In terms of building your six-pack, heavy compound exercises like squats should be a staple. Include front squats which involve a barbell held in front of your body for an increased core demand and to build insane midsection strength.


3. Improved flexibility


By moving your body through a full range of motion, you’ll not only build strength; you’ll boost flexibility as well. Deep squatting helps to increase range of motion in the entire hip complex. The benefit: reduced back pain and an easier time getting around in daily activities or sporting events.


4. Reduced chance of injury


Boosting the muscles surrounding your knees and hips is a quick method to reduce your chance of injury when jumping, running, and doing almost any activity. Squats build your glutes, hamstrings, and quad muscles – primary stabilizers when you’re cutting and moving on the playing field. Include both single and double leg varieties to help bullet-proof your lower body.


5. Stronger lower body


This may seem like common sense, but squatting varieties are key for developing lower body strength. Although machine exercises like leg curl and leg extension may target the quads and hamstrings, squats use almost every lower body muscle in unison building real-world strength. Since you aren’t locked into a machine, you’re also building stability and exposing potential imbalances between your left and right side. If you notice your hips shifting from side to side during the movement, put aside your ego and work single leg exercises to shore up your hips. You’ll be better off for it.


6. Increased vertical jump


Having hops on the court isn’t only correlated with genetics. The ability to extend your hips powerfully is a key factor in increasing your vertical. Luckily, squats build hip extension strength. As a bonus, squats not only help you produce power; they also help you absorb it as well. That translates to less injuries coming down from getting a rebound. Include both heavy squats to build strength and lighter, quicker reps to boost explosiveness and see yourself dunking in no time.


7. Improved workout efficiency


Forget spending a few hours in the gym hopping from machine to machine in search of a good workout. Introduce a few sets of heavy squats into your routine, and you’ll see what you’ve been missing. This total-body move will jack your heart rate and leave your legs burning in no time. You’ll have more time left over to hit your core or add some foam rolling and stretching into your routine.



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