The 100 Rep Method


From Charles Poliquin Live


Q: What is the 100-Rep Method and what is its purpose?


A: The 100-Rep Method involves performing 100 cumulative repetitions in a few sets as possible. You start with a weight that you can perform for 20 reps on a basic exercise, such as incline 30-degree dumbbell curls or hack squats, and go from there. Don’t cheat – always use strict form for every rep.


On your first workout, it may take 10 sets to complete all 100 repetitions. One “fun” way to perform this training method is to do it with a training partner, with one person resting while the other one works. When you can perform 100 reps in four sets, increase the resistance by 5-7 percent. As for it’s purpose, this method helps increase your work capacity.



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