Testosterone Boosters For Muscle Growth



There is one big question on everyones’s mind who buys a testosterone booster…will it build muscle? Everyone knows that testosterone is critical for muscle growth but will the effects of a testosterone booster give you the muscle mass that you desire or are you wasting your money?


Muscle growth comes from a combination of three major things:

  • hormones like testosterone
  • diet
  • exercise


If you don’t have all three in tune, you will never grow at the rate you desire. Diet for muscle growth means high protein. Proper exercise where you are nearly constantly sore in one muscle group is another major factor in growth. Finally, testosterone and related hormones are what help build muscle.



Here’s the issue with testosterone boosters…they don’t seem to build muscle. The BEST testosterone booster on the market ever was called Novedex XT. This product was shown in studies to boost testosterone to over 1200 ng/dl…that is the highest that a man can get without taking anything!


Sadly, no muscle mass was gained which means you probably need to get your testosterone well above the “highest natural range” to truly see a gain in muscle mass. While the subjects of the study did lose some fat, muscle mass didn’t increase at all.


What that means is that to get your testosterone levels even higher than what your testicles can produce to see significant muscle mass.


Testosterone boosters may have some other positive benefits for the typical male, but building muscle doesn’t seem to be one of them. Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Increased Sex Drive
  • Increased Confidence
  • Bigger Erections


So, testosterone boosters are certainly good for you but there is limited support that they will do anything to build muscle. Muscle mass comes through a diet high in protein and also hard exercise that keeps you sore for days! So, while millions are spent on testosterone boosters, it seems like they do more for your mental attitude than for muscle mass.



That simple fact alone…that the best testosterone booster on the market EVER failed to produce any additional muscle growth leaves you with one LEGAL option if you want to get big…that option is the prohormone (or of course illegal steroids if you want to break the law). Prohormones are one step away from illegal steroids and convert in the body to various steroids that will build mass!


1-Androstenolone – in the Pr from Liquid Labs and 1-Andro from LG Sciences has been shown to build up to 11lbs of muscle in 30 days.

4-Androstenolone – in Te from Liquid Labs and 4-Andro from LG Sciences and Androdiol from Hi-Tech has been shown to boost testosterone to the highest possible levels.


These prohormones can be taken alone or stacked together to get the best results.


Source: http://mindandmuscle.net/articles/testosterone-booster-for-muscle-growth/



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