Stacking Prohormones 101


Everyone wants to know three things when they think prohormones. First they want to know how to take the stuff.


Typically, the next thing people want to know is “What can I stack this with?” and finally, I get “Do I need any on cycle support products?”


What we will discuss today is the idea of stacking prohormones. The why we stack, the how we stack and a brief talk about “combo” prohormone products.


The idea behind stacking is that each prohormone has its own unique qualities and benefits. 1-Andro has different effects depending on the tissue than say epiandro or 4-Andro. Each person will react to a certain compound in a specific way.



If you didn’t know there are really three main prohormones on the market and then some additional ones that you can find to add to a cycle and make it more exotic. I am not going to cover the complete line of prohormones, that is already covered in other articles, but just as a refresher, here are some of the main ones.


1-Andro – this is a prohormone to 1-testosterone. It can not convert to estrogen and will give lean and dry gains through its conversion into 1-Test. 1-Test is 2-7 times more anabolic than testosterone, so it’s no wonder that 1-Andro is the current king of prohormones.


4-Andro – this is a prohormone to testosterone, the body’s natural muscle builder. 4-Andro needs to be dosed pretty high to avoid conversion to other hormones, but can certainly raise testosterone levels which can make you feel like a giant!


EpiAndro – this is a prohormone to Stanolone, which is DHT. This is good for mental positivity, increased mood and for fat loss. Stanolone is good for aggression and strength.
As examples 1-Andro, doesn’t convert into estrogen. Estrogen is good for the bodybuilder and can help with muscle growth, lower blood pressure and increase appetitie. So, for men with low estrogen, something like 1-Andro alone may not be the best, so that’s why stacking with 4-Andro or 5-Andro (DHEA) may be the better option.


For men with too much estrogen (chubby fellas typically) a combination of 1-Andro and EpiAndro will be just enough to dry you out and help you lose that stubborn fat. 1-Andro converts into 1-Testosterone which is anabolic and medium androgenic. That is good and will also change the androgen/estrogen ratio. EpiAndro converts into Stanolone and will reduce aromatase and also act as a neurosteroid to give a mental lift in the gym.


4-Andro is a classic “wet” prohormone so that means it converts into estrogn via testosterone and it’s metabolites being acted on by aromatase. Estrogen is healthy and necessary in a male body and for some people it takes estrogen from prohormones to function properly. Estrogen reduces side effects like high blood pressure, aching joints and poor appetite.


Here are some sample cycles that you can use to increase your gains:


Classic Stack (1x – 1-Andro and 2x 4-Andro)

  • Example 100mg 1-Andro and 200mg 4-Andro Per Day


Inverted Stack (2x – 1-Andro and 1x 4-Andro)

  • Example 200mg 1-Andro and 100mg 4-Andro Per Day


Cutting Stack (1x 1-Andro and 2x EpiAndro)

  • Example 100mg 1-Andro and 200mg EpiAndro Per Day


These are some of my favorites but you can pretty much make up any combination under the sun. It really depends on your body and needs. Also, the nice thing about stacking is that I can adjust as necessary to get the desired results.


There are also products that have prohormones mixed together for you. I don’t like these as much because they don’t allow me to have the fine control over dosing that I like. That being said, for the novice a mixed product may be exactly what you need to take the guesswork out of your cycle.


There are a whole additional host of prohormones on the market


Stacking prohormones gives you complete flexibility. You can build your own with single products or can buy many premade stacks that come in one pill. The choice is yours when it comes to prohormone use but remember that hard work and exercise is key to any supplement.





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