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Don’t mess your back up with off point squats.


The squat is known as the king of all exercises and for good reason. It’s a staple of any bodybuilding workout but beyond that it’s one of the best exercises for overall strength and fitness. However, despite how essential and popular the squat is – most people still aren’t doing them properly. Yes maybe even you seasoned bodybuilder! Lifting heavy weight hard and often is one of the top priorities of a bodybuilder but even after years of experience you might be making this one essential mistake with the squat.


Square Up Son: Like in any sport, squaring up to come from a position of power is vital. Make sure your chest is up, feet are pointed out, and your heads up. Slightly stick out your butt and try to keep a flat back. A common mistake to make is opening up your hips. You think you’re square but when your hips are open and and you’re asymmetrical then you’re really not. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes to go under the radar. How do you know if you’re doing it right? Why just follow your glutes. Squeezing your glutes at the top of every rep is sure fire way to get your hips in line in no time.


So why do you care? You’ve been doing it your way and your and the sky hasn’t fallen. While you can get away with half assing FOR NOW you’re risking potential injury and massive gains! You put your lower back as well as ligaments at risk when you do these exercises incorrectly. If you’re the gym renegade who will lift anything from any angle (a.k.a crossfit) then how bout this, when you’re not in correct position you’re not utilizing your full muscle capacity cheating yourself of higher weights and higher reps. And nobody wants that.



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