By GI Team Generation Iron

The best exercise in the game.


If you ask most strength athletes what’s the one exercise they would do if they could only choose one – the answer is almost always the resounding deadlift. The deadlift (or dead if ya nasty) is a full body compound exercise that hits every major muscle group and if you master it can get you all around swole, injury free. That grown man muscle if know what I mean.


So now you’re probably thinking “Okay, you sold me” – the dead is awesome – end of story. But you’d be wrong. What if we were to tell you… or what if we were to SHOW you that we could make this quintessential exercise even better- maximizing your strength gains and lifting numbers in the process. Well with a little help from YouTube sensation Bradley Martyn we can make good on that promise – they’re called pause reps. Martyn lays out exactly what your goal should be when you’re deadlifting with pause reps as opposed to a regular dead which is slightly different. But he’s a much better training coach than I and you know what they about pictures. So without further adieu check out the video below! Keep your friends close and the bar closer…






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