The greatest trio of all time.


Bodybuilding is a solo endeavor. It’s about perfecting your own physical form above all else. Even if a lifter were to look on another bodybuilder for inspiration, at the end of the day it’s all about how much work you’re willing to put in in order to bring about a change in your physique. But that doesn’t mean a bodybuilder can’t use some help from time to time. It’s the reason training partners exist in the first place.


Despite the fact that training your own physique is a personal endeavor, a good training partner could be just what a bodybuilder needs to reach the next level. A good training partner is going to motivate you to push through your workout and make the kind of meaningful gains you’re in search of. A bodybuilding partner who already has impressive form, a great physique, and a willingness to impart their knowledge is truly an unparalleled companion to have on the journey for greater muscle.



For many amateurs and dabblers in the endeavor having a good training partner could easily translate over to having someone who is simply committed to actually getting into the gym with consistency. A training partner who can’t make it to the gym is utterly useless. But that’s why you need a partner who is just as motivated as you are when it comes to making positive progress on your physique.


When it comes to the pros they require training partners on an entirely different level. Bradley Martyn trains hard in the gym and in order to rise to the next level he’s partnered up with Dana Linn Bailey, her husband Rob, and none other than the Predator Kai Greene.


Do you have a reliable training partner?





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