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In this article I discuss things you can add to your prohormone cycle to make them more potent or that work synergistically to increase the conversion to active steroid hormones in the body. Prohormones are unlike anabolic steroids because they do not have any activity on their own but instead convert to active steroids as your body utilizes them. In this way, you can take hormones that optimize your natural levels and can achieve similar success to illegal steroids along with proper diet and exercise.


There are various prohormones on the market and not all of these ingredients will help every prohormone but they can certainly make a difference in most cases. Prohormones use various enzymes to convert to active steroids, but many are universally recognized. Most of the effort is spent trying to avoid side effects, but this article focuses on the ability to make that expensive cycle even more effective without breaking the bank!



If you want to make your prohormone cycle even better without breaking the bank, you can add these few simple items to get an even greater return on your cycle. Steroid hormones all use similar pathways and receptors to build muscle, so these items should be universally used to increase your cycle except for an aromatase inhibitor.

$$$ – expensive but go for it
$$ – moderate so consider it
$ – cheap you need to take this

Ecdysterones – ecdysterones have been studied in animals and have shown that they increase protein synthesis and strength using a different pathway than standard steroids. 100-400mg per day $$$


Laxogenins – these plant steroids have been shown in a recent study to add to the effectiveness of steroids by increasing mass and strength. These probably work similar to ecdysterones and 6-Keto progesterone by increasing the activity of secondary messengers. 50-200mg per day $$$


Zinc – zinc has been shown to increase the activity of testosterone and other hormones in the muscle cells. Zinc increases the binding activity of any steroid hormone in the muscle cell and is a cheap addition to any cycle. 50mg per day $


L-Carnitine L-Tartrate – this amino acid has been shown in studies to increase the muscle cell’s ability to utilize testosterone to build muscle by increasing the androgen receptor “content” which is the number of androgen receptors that are available to testosterone after exercise. 3000mg per day taken prior to exercise $$


Caprylic Acid – this fat has been shown to increase receptor sensitivity. It can be found in gels or one can simply take coconut oil, which has a very high amount in it. 2 tablespoons of coconut oil before a workout. $


Forskolin – this co-factor has been shown to speed up nearly every reaction in the body. In addition to increasing erections and helping burn fat, it also increases the activity of 3bHSD which can convert modern prohormones to active androgens. 200mg per day of 20% extract $$$


Androstene-7,17-dione – this compound known as “arimistane” is good for any wet prohormones, but especially 4-DHEA which can readily convert to estrogen. Take this aromatase inhibitor with your 4-DHEA cycle for the best possible chance at boosting testosterone. $$


Piperine – this extract of black pepper has been shown to help the uptake of compounds that can be excreted like curcumin and hormones. Piperine inhibits a main enzyme that is used to clear prohormones from the body. Take 10mg with your prohormones. $


6,7-DHB – this extract of grapefruit juice blocks the liver’s ability to clear prohormones from the bloodstream. You can also just drink 1 cup of grapefruit juice with your prohormones and other supplements! As a supplement take 30-50mg of DHB with your prohormones. $$


That’s a quick and dirty round up of some cheap and effective supplements to take along with your prohormone cycle to make it more effective and give you an advantage in the gym and on your cycle!


Of course, don’t forget your basics like creatine, arginine, BCAA’s and lots and lot’s of protein!



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