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What’s the reason and price of taking steroids?


When it comes to obtaining the ultimate bodybuilding physique everyone has their own particular goal in mind. Whether you want to look like a physique competitor and have a more streamlined, lean, and classic physique or if you want to have the size and bulk of a mass monster. To everyone who trains there’s a different standard of excellence to be achieved. Building your dream physique is all a matter of opinion and there is no right or wrong answer. But despite that, the notion of taking steroids to achieve your dream body will always be a hot button issue.


In regards to steroids there will always be strong detractors and supporters across the board on the subject. It’s difficult to say which is the way to go, but ultimately it comes down to the way you want to look and what your goals are for getting in shape in the first place. To build a shredded and aesthetic physique while being lean and strong you don’t necessarily need to take a ton of steroids. As far as building a body like a physique competitor, it takes hard work and diligence, but steroids isn’t exactly a must. Now if you’re trying to build a body like Phil Heath then you’re going to be faced with the questions of why you want to become that size and if you ever want to compete.

The reality is that if you want to be a massive bodybuilder then sooner or later you’ll be faced with the option of having to take steroids. That in no way implicates pro bodybuilders in taking gear, but it does give you a window into the options you’ll have to consider if your genetics are lacking. But even having inferior genetics may not be enough of an excuse to take steroids, especially if you’re not pushing yourself in the gym. That’s the case that Jeff Seid is trying to make. In the video below, Seid touches on the subject of steroids and his thought process on it’s usage.


(The good stuff starts 51 minutes in)

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