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The full deets on a getting a massive back.

Building up a great physique is very much like constructing a skyscraper. It requires a sturdy foundation as well as strong internal structuring and maintenance in order to remain strong and aesthetic. When it comes to building muscle there’s always a delicate balance involved. People’s bodies are all different which means that everyone reacts differently to nutrition and exercise. But for the most part if you eat well, exercise smart, and have perfect form coupled with the optimal weight then gains are no doubt going to be in your future.


Building up every body part is key having impressive symmetry. If you want to have a proportional figure then it means you have to give equal attention to every part of your body. So for example, if you wanted to build up your chest for instance it means you have to work the opposite, or anterior, muscle groups as well. That means training the entire back for optimal growth for both the lats and the pectorals.


When it comes to bodybuilding and training advice there are few people out there that can match IFBB pro bodybuilder Benjamin Pakulski in terms of sheer intricate knowledge and experience. The man is an advocate of the scientific approach to getting the body to perform at optimal levels in order to both condition the body as well as acquiring great muscle growth.



The IFBB pro’s YouTube page is dedicated the best advice and knowledge Ben has acquired over years of studying and trial and error. If you’re looking to build an impressive back then we have no doubts that Pakulski’s intricate break down on training the lats is something you’re going to want to see. Check out the video below for some detailed knowledge into how to train the back.


Would you want to train under Ben Pakulski’s tutelage? Let us know in the comments and forums.





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