Adrienne Maloof

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The HydraFacial MD® is fabulous! I always feel nourished and refreshed! Unbelievable! It exfoliates, and then puts vitamins back into your skin, and I promise you – you are going to love it!

Paris Hilton

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Just got a HydraFacial MD® by Aubrie at Dr. Paul Nassif’s office. My skin is glowing, such an amazing facial! Love it!

Jillian Reynolds

(formerly Barberie)

“I’m a big believer…you are actually doing something good for your body.”

Brittany Snow

I do the HF all the time. I try to do it once a month. I got so many compliments the first time I did it – “oh my gosh your skin looks so different!” – and so I was like this is something that I should do. Now it’s one of those things that I regularly do, and I mean I love it. Just the amount of moisture that gets pumped back into your skin, how much, you know, gets lost usually. So, I sound like I’m repping HydraFacial MD® which is not my intention, but I do actually love it!

Marie Osmond

I love the HydraFacial MD® It tightens the skin to make your face look more toned!

I’ve had a HydraFacial MD®, which is a non-laser skin resurfacing. I had a second procedure, which was done with infrared light; it tightens the skin and stimulates collagen to make your face look more toned. And I use a lot of sunscreen.


HydraFacial MD® Clients

What I’ve noticed more than anything after a HydraFacial® treatment is how youthful and radiant my skin is.  The HydraFacial® treatment has so many wonderful and immediate benefits such as clearing up uneven skin tones, reducing the appearance of large pores, reducing oiliness, and brightening that drab grayed appearance women tend to take on as we age.   I feel incredibly blessed to have found a system that pampers my skin and keeps it camera ready for my beauty queen duties and stage performances yet also provides me the same benefits as I tackle the day as a busy mom.  Thank you, HydraFacial® for the clearly visible and very beautiful benefits.

Julie Netter

Miss Colorado Globe 2008

HydraFacial® has made such a difference.  My skin is so much softer, the pores on my nose are clear and I no longer get breakouts on my chin or have redness on my forehead.  Best of all, it has helped clear-up my allergy-induced puffy and peeling eyelids.

Janine Sevy

Miss Colorado Globe 2008, Whittier, California

The HydraFacial® has worked complete wonders on my skin. My face glows now and I get many compliments from friends and coworkers asking what I did and where can they get it done themselves. I look and feel younger and would recommend this to both men and women. My lines have decreased and the red splotches have almost gone away. The entire texture and feel looks so healthy.

Layla Cicconi-Smith

Avalon, California


To my surprise, I noticed a difference in my skin after my first visit.  The dark spots were much lighter and my whole face looked moist and glowing.  I am so happy because I am getting married next month and my face looks totally different.

Carole Campbell

Charlotte, North Carolina


Medical & Spa Professionals

“I love the HydraFacial MD. It is the perfect treatment to rejuvenate skin and help with acne and anti-aging skincare concerns. I always recommend this as a must try for my patients as it leaves their skin glowing!”

Dr. Howard Sobel

Attending Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital

“My clients love the way their skin feels after experiencing the HydraFacial®. It is an exceptional treatment.”

Dr. David Holcomb, MD

Holcomb Facial Plastic Surgery

“HydraFacial is loved by all my patients, the results are safe, efficacious, reproducible, and can be used on all skin types.”

Dr. John F. Farella


“HydraFacial MD® delivers such a dramatic new look in just one treatment. Our clients love it, and so do we!”

Michelle Kelthy

Spa Director, Ritz-Carlton, Naples FL

“The BEST part of having the HydraFacial is seeing our guest’s reactions to this very special facial experience!”

Kim Stevens

Woodhouse Day Spas (National)

“I’m thrilled when I have an opportunity to receive a HydraFacial. The results again, are so fantastic. It makes me feel better. It makes my skin look better. It’s nice to know that this one machine can do so many things in a relatively short period of time, with no downtime.”

Gloria Ah Sam

Spa Director, Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

“I have a client who came to me, and she was preparing for her wedding. She was in her early 40s, and had spent, really 30 of her 40 years in Malibu surfing so it was really damaged. My initial thought was to use the HF for approximately 2-3 treatments to exfoliate the dead layers of skin, get her hydrated and moisturized, and then go with either a fractional treatment or an IPL. After 2-3 treatments we saw such an amazing result with the HF, I actually used the HF alone. We did a series of 6 treatments & her skin was flawless. She was ready for her wedding, and she couldn’t be happier.”

Dr. Lisa Banya

D.O. Owner, Cure Med Spa Malibu & West Hollywood

“Here at the Institute in Marina Del Ray, we have 3 HydraFacials and we love them. In fact, we’re using them every day, and we use them more than microdermabrasion, derma planning, and other approaches. It’s our number 1 approach to medical facials.”

Dr. Grant Stevens

Medical Director, Marina Plastic Surgery

“HydraFacial™ is the most popular skin procedure at my medical spa”

Dr. Zein Obagi

Obagi Skin Health Institute

“It’s a very nice, what we call a lunchtime procedure. People come in, in the middle of their workday, get it done, and go back to work, and not miss a beat.”

Dr. David Hecker

Pompano Beach, FL., Hecker Dermatology Group

“Our guests absolutely love the treatment & continue to come back on a monthly basis.”

Vivian Henein

Spa Director, Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel

“I was so impressed with the results because they were not only visual, and I could see them but they were gushing about the service – how effective it was – and I see those clients again and again.”

David Cost

Spa Director, Hyatt Regency Resort Hunting Beach, CA

“HydraFacial MD® produces phenomenal results. The quick and effective treatment separates HydraFacial MD® from all other skin resurfacing procedures available today.

Britta Wetteskind

RN, European Wellness Cosmedical, Newport Beach, CA

“It’s a great treatment, it just speaks for itself and I am very passionate about it. I believe in it, I know it works and the proof is in my client’s skin.”

Jaclyn Welcher

Skin Care Director, Cure Med Spa

“HydraFacial has dramatically changed skincare with result oriented dynamics that transform the condition of the skin.  Aggressive results without aggression.…our clients immediately return to their normal activities with no redness or other telltale signs, differentiating this system from other skin-resurfacing procedures.”

Leslie Johnson

Director of Spa, La Quinta Resort & Club

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